Humming on Low Voltage, 2 Transformers?

crichgatAugust 7, 2008

I bought 2, 3 light low voltage track light sets. [Hampton Bay @ Home Depot]. Each set came with it's own transformer.

The two tracks were joined with a connection.

Did I need to use both transformers when I installed them?

They were installed with 1 transformer and a dimmer and I am getting a loud hum. Thanks

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If you use two transformers then you'll need an electrical isolator in the tracks. Basically you don't want two transformers powering the same electrical section of track.

As for dimming, either:

1) You have the wrong dimmer. You have to make sure that your dimmer matches the type of transformer. For example, if it's a magnetic transformer, you need a magnetic low voltage dimmer. Or if it's an electronic transformer, you need an electronic low voltage dimmers.

2) It's just not dimmable. The lower priced/ end transformers generally can't be dimmed without a hum/ buzz.

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