Calculating amount of light using up light sconces

pamelahAugust 2, 2010

I hope I can explain my issue well enough to get some good advice!

The foyer in the house I am building is 10' wide, and 11' long. The wall height is 11', but the ceiling is groined to 14'. The door end has a 8' high double mahogany door with an arched transom light above. Four sconces are spec'd by the architect for the foyer.

I would like to be able to brightly illuminate the room, and direct the eye to the groined ceiling. My inclination is to use uplight sconces supplemented by a 60W table lamp on the reception table.

1st Question- how many Watts should each sconce produce at an installed height of 7' in order to light the ceiling and provide ample lighting below?

2nd Question- Is my proposed installation height of 7' correct?

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If you're thinking about incandescent or halogen, quite a bit > 200watts.

If you're willing to consider LED, you have many other options. For example, you could have LED trim molding.

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Thanks David. I am using LED in the recessed, and would LOVE to use it in trim uplight. I will search the archives here to try to find more info on that application.

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LedFolio makes LED trim molding in lengths of 2', 4', 6' and custom sizes.

There are other possibilities

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