In the cool, cool, cool of the morning.........

phyllis__mnFebruary 1, 2013

It's -29ú here this morning, and I have a 9:00 dr. appointment. Just hope the car's in the garage, of course, but unheated. It's hard to believe that it's that cold,as the house is nice and cozy.

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Yikes--I don't even know what that would begin to feel like! Stay warm and good luck with the trip to the dr.

Here it's +28--but we woke up to it snowing. The ground is covered, streets are still just wet. Hoping it's not too much, because we wanted to get out this morning to get to the bank, and then to city hall to pay the electric/water bill.

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It is now 5 above this morning and was lower than that, I am thinking my daughter said it was 3 above. Chilly for sure.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Here in WV we had about 4 inches of snow, and its 18 or so, schools cancelled,

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Wow Phyllis! Good luck, I hope your car starts!

We had cold temps last week (not that cold) and some cars had trouble starting.

It's -13C and I just got in from shovelling the parking lot and sidewalks. Cold, but no wind, and light fluffy snow.

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I hope your car started just fine. And that you made
it to the doc safely!

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While I was "warming up" the car, clinic called to say I could postpone until Monday, but by then I was jacketed and ready to go. Old car really had square wheels this morning!

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Breezy and cold here! Skipped going to water class and headed for a bowl of chili!

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Finally got warmer this morning and at noon it is 1 above. Feels like summer (well, almost). Need to go to get gas etc.
Marie from ND

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