Detergents & water quality for delicates

enmnmNovember 4, 2010

I use J&J Baby Shampoo for all of my woolens and silks. Never had a problem. Rest of the time, I use Tide, at about 1/4 the recommended amount. Also good.

However, I moved into a new house and I feel that somehow, everything is harsher. So my questions are two-fold:

1. How do I test for and work around (if necessary) the water quality?

2. I have been contemplating switching to The Laundress for my shirts and lingerie, as I feel that the Tide (or something) is too harsh. I understand from reading these boards that many feel that the products are overpriced. However, I have been communicating with the owners for some time and one of their biggest selling points is that they use these products on luxury goods (Chanel suits, Hermes scarves, vintage clothing, etc.) These are more in line of what I am washing and so am looking for testimonials on detergents that would be used in a similar manner.

Thank you.

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The very best I have ever used is Miele for Delicates. Excellent, but uber expensive.

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My understanding is that pH is important for washing delicate items, and NO enzymes.

Enzymes "eat" protein, and wool and silk is made of protein.

I've used "Ecover Delicate Wash" for years and have had excellent results with it.

It's moderately priced. Comes in a 32 oz. bottle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ecover Delicate Wash

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You might want to look at Vaska Herbatergent.

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Vaska is great on my silk garments, but not especially good at removing stains on regular clothing.

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