need lighting recommendation for kitchen

joiesAugust 2, 2009

I have been using a 300W light (see photo, it is next to the fireplace) for my last 7 years, but now the kids like to play with it and it must go. The light is pointing to the high slope smooth ceiling & the reflection from ceiling is good for that room, but it is very hot in the summer.

Now I consider mounting small track lights onto the left side of the wall, next to the vases, point the track light upward facing the ceiling and let the reflection lighting up the entire room. My contractor is not helping me to pick the right fixtures. He is not sure what to get.

Could you give recommendation as to what type / brand of track lights will give me enough lighting effect, not too big and not too hot? if track light is not a good idea, any recommendation as to what light to use to light up the room (can't do recess light)

Here is a photo of our kitchen. thank you

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Why not install track pointing down onto the shelves.
This would provide nice indirect lighting, while highlighting your collectables.
Don't go short on the track,as the track is relatively cheap, and the longer you run the track, the more flexible the lighting is.
I would suggest 4 or 5- 50mr16- 12 volt heads.
Most showrooms have these items in stock , or you can go to a big box retailer.
I would suggest you stay to 12 volt bulbs, as they are vastly superior.
You can also send some light up to attain the light evels you want

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normclc, where would I mount the tracklights downward? I need to make sure the light is not directly on our face with watching TV.

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