Is 24" off of Top Cabinets to far out for can lights..????

jean61August 18, 2012

The Electrician installed our can lights. using p87 boxes??? I think they are 5".

We asked him where they should go... really No help...we were going to go down the middle of isle. BUT-- our kitchen has NO natural light and the cabinets will be cherry (medium stain) so kind of dark. So I wanted it to have some light on it. I will have under cabinet and lights in the top double cabinets. Since the cabinets/crown go to the ceiling--and they are 9 foot ceiling...have I screwed up by having them hold 24" off of upper cabinets around the perimeter of the cabinetry....DID I SCREW UP>>> does it need to be moved to between 12 - 18" ???? That's what I am reading online???? HELP-- am I going to have to change this...need to know ASAP before drywall in a few weeks

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It would be better to have the cans positioned closer to the edge of the countertop, though sometimes it may be difficult / impossible to achieve that. The distance could be between 26" to 30" from the wall.

Alternatively, the under cabinet lighting has to be able to make up the difference.

If you are looking to install Cree CR6 lights, the cans need to be 6".

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Husband says they are 6"...I thought they looked like 5? I not sure what the cree cr6 lights are....I did go to Home Depot and saw in the light bulb area... Eco --something with the word Cree on the side of it. So is that what you are referring to--is the bulb? I was in a hurry but If I read the small area on the back of the book correctly regarding area of was like only 65" from the ceiling?? and like 43" wide or something??? is that correct?

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Ecosmart ECO-575L, HD version of the Cree CR6.

Not sure about your beam angle question, but here is the spec for the CR6.

There is an 800 lumen version (vs. 575) of the CR6. It costs $55, vs. $45 for the 575 lumen CR6 or $35 for the ECO-575L.

Here is a link that might be useful: CR6 datasheet

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Attofarad's correct - the ECO575 is the HD branded version of the CR6.

The CR6 behaves more like a surface mount than a traditional recessed light.

The following link should cover most questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED recessed lighting

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