Bakers: trying to achieve rough cake texture

arlinekJuly 8, 2012

I've been working on and off trying to achieve the taste and texture of "tea cakes" - cupcake-type, not the cookies. They used to be made by several bakeries in L.A, Ca. and made with buttermilk & other ingredients. I have finally found a very close recipe that is almost the exact taste. However, the texture was very soft, had small holes and didn't attain that rough texture I'm trying to emulate. It consists of cake flour, eggs, buttermilk, brown & white sugars and a wee bit more. It first called for beating the eggs, sugars, vegetable oil & & vanilla for 6 minutes, then adding the flour, buttermilk & baking soda for an add'l min. or so, just till mixed. I definitely want a rougher, larger-wholed texture ... more like carrot cake, perhaps. If I use all purpose flour instead of sifted cake flour and/or beat the mixture for far less than the 6 min. called for, might I get what I'm looking for? If not, any suggestions?? Thanks so much.

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It sounds like you are trying to make a Crumb Cake to me, which would have a more coarse texture and more open crumb. You might want to explore that avenue. Crumb Cake was the first cake I learned how to make as a child. -Grainlady

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Try using AP flour and not mixing so long...just stir together the sugar and oil, add the eggs.
Mix the baking soda with the flour....AND I would add some baking powder......don't know how big your recipe is....but start with 1/2 teaspoon.
Then add the buttermilk to the oil, sugar egg mix....beat.....then with a spoon stir in the beating just stir until mixed.

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I make a good rough cake with oatmeal. It's called "oatmeal yogurt cake" and is homey and moist, with a cinnamon crumb topping. I could post if you like. It sounds similar to what you describe, you could easily sub buttermilk for the yogurt.

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Thank you all. You have confirmed my suspicions that perhaps all purpose flour may do the trick, in addition to hand-mixing. Lpink: I'm trying for a SPECIFIC TASTE replication of a "cup cake" made in the 60s and yon and know it didn't have oatmeal, but thank you for the offer!!!

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I've made bread with oatmeal and in the final product I can't tell that there are oats in it.

lpink, I'd like the oatmeal yogurt cake recipe if you would type it in.

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