Photos-open ceiling how to keep closet light out of bedroom?

jerjerAugust 16, 2009

Whoops, we are mid-build. I was one dim-bulb & am about to burn out over this! We will have a 16' red fir vaulted ceiling that spans over our bedroom & closet. A 9-foot wall separates the rooms so the entire ceiling area will be visible. My main concern: how to light the closet without waking DH? We will light the entire ceiling with some cans, not sure how many yet. WeÂll also have accent lights around the perimeter of the ceiling and lights on our bed tables. We will have a large ceiling fan on the beam that we were not intending to light. WeÂll have ceiling light(s) focused on a corner fireplace. PHOTOS: --OR--

The photos are of the under construction area--the photo with the smaller high windows is looking thru the 9Â wall separating the bedroom & closet. The opening on the left of the second photo is for the pocket door into the closet. The total area is 21 X 27. Bedroom is 19 X 21; Closet area is 8 X 21.

Could eyeball cans focused down on the closet keep the light out of the bedroom? Would they have enough "reach"? Rail lights might work but they seem to each have 2 rods, 1 thick & one thin and I might need two units (4 rods)Âmight look odd? IÂve also thought about pendants with 3 lights on the bar. Possibly using 2 or 3 of these so IÂd have 2-3 rods hanging down. IÂm not thrilled with seeing a bunch of rods from the bedroom. I donÂt need high-end lighting in the closet but I do need the visible rods to be bronze colored. And I do need adequate lighting for the 8 X 21 space.

I like what IÂve read on the Forum about the Cree lights, except for the price, we live in CA so we need reliably dimmable lights. Well, actually, when DH sees the price of the Crees I wonÂt have to worry about waking him with the closet lightsÂIlluminating ideas appreciated! jer

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Ahem, sorry, I listed 2 links, my photos are at the FIRST link: . Tried to imbed the photos from Forum instructions but they did not work for the Mac. I should know better than to try to do anything the least bit technical, especially at 1AM.

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How about putting a ceiling in the closet? Would solve your lighting problem and reduce dust in the closet.

If you stick with recessed cans, maybe try to find one with a deep black baffle. Depending on where the bed is situated, it may eliminate the glare from seeing the actual lamp (bulb). The con is that depending on ceiling color, a black baffle may stick out in your ceiling. The other option to reduce glare is an alzak reflector. Also use a lamp with a narrow beam pattern; even narrow flood might be okay.

I agree. I wouldn't want pendant rods blocking my view out the window. Are wall mounted lights an option? You may lose some closet space, but it would definitely solve your problem. Be mindful of placement and bulb type to reduce the chances of burning something. Hmm..wonder if it's against code. If you go this route, I would still have ceiling cans so you don't end up with a dark ceiling over the closet.

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jerjer's not for sissies!!! Many thanks Bignick! A low ceiling did not work as it would have to be too low to keep from being seen from the bedroom. The closet/bedroom dividing wall is only 9' high. You make a good point tho, in lieu of a ceiling maybe a wide soffit coming off the 9' wall on the closet side could be enough of a mounting platform for some yet-to-be-determined lighting? Our contractor nixed closet wall lights. The bed headboard will be against the 9' wall.

Our vaulted ceiling will probably be pine, if we do use any cans I was thinking bronze colored trim to hide them a tad, I'll look at your advice using black baffle, alzak reflectors & narrow floods.

As for blocking the closet window view, no problem, these are high windows, for light not view. My concerns about hanging lighting is that the rods would be clearly visible from the bedroom. Bignick, thanks for the counsel!

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Why don't you mount a track system at the top of the interior closet wall?
Install the track as long as the opening , and add the number of track heads until you attain the adequate light levels.
To my knowledge there is no code that precludes installing wall lights( in this case, track) within a closet

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Hey there normclc, hmmm.... let's see if I understand this. So the electrical would be in the shared wall between the bedroom and the closet? The lamps would slide on the bar and I could aim them where I need to? Nothing would have to suspend from the ceiling? If correct, by golly, I think you nailed it. Normclc you the man!!! Thanks tons!

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