WhirlpoolWFW97HEXL/ Maytag Maxima washer temps

gates1November 18, 2010

Are you guys ready for this, You better be sitting down let me tell you. This is the wash temps that Whirlpool sent me for their newest duets. I am sure it includes the Maxima washers as well since they are cousins.

I understand you are wanting to know the water temperatures for washer model WFW97HEXL. I have listed these below.

Hot: 69-79 degrees Fahrenheit

Warm 64-69 degrees Fahrenheit

Cold: 59-64 degrees Fahrenheit

Sanitary: Varies based on water heater setting.

The water heater will only increase the water temperature enough to sanitize items if the Sanitize option is chosen. The internal heater will heat the water about 20-25 degrees hotter than the regular hot water temperature. The water heater will work on the Heavy Duty, Whitest Whites, and the Bulky cycles. The washer does not add time to any of the cycles in order to maintain water temperatures.

I invite you to contact Whirlpool again either by calling (866) 698-2538 between 8:00am to 10:00pm EST weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises. When calling please press the available option or stay on the line to reach a representative.


Ms. Tammy K.

e-Solutions Specialist

Whirlpool Customer eXperience Center


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This cannot possibly be for real!

80F = Hot? No way. Also, how about the Allergen cycle? It's NSF certified, which means it has to heat to 131F and maintain that temp for three minutes - IIRC. And how come Tammy does not mention the Steam feature. The manual says the heater helps to maintain temperatures if the option is selected - although it does not state the actual temps...

Oh, and about that steam option: how come there is no steam generator in these washers!?! I looked at exploded views on searspartsdirect.com and... no steam generator! Just like the Electrolux washers, which are also lacking a generator despite the steam option. Very bizarre.

Alex (fortunate owner of a 230V, European, cold to 203F washing machine)

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I dont know about all that, All I can show is the email, they got a NASTY reply from me!

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This cannot possibly be true. Don't know where the error occurred but I have no doubt it is an error.

In particular, it would be quite impossible to raise temperatures "...20-25 degrees hotter than the regular hot water temperature." without adding time to the cycle. That's just nuts.

My cold tap runs at 75-80F

I will look forward to clarification.

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I do not think I will get a rly to my second Email to Whirlpool, after what I told them about there email and and such. In the past week, I have contacted, Whirlpool, Maytag, Electrolux, and LG regarding there wash temps. Whirlpool and maytag have been the slowest to respond, the least informative in emails and on the phone and some of the dumbest humans walking the earth! Whirpool told me on the phone, she could not get that information and it took them 4 days for the email to come to me, I sent the email first, then called them right afterwards. I need to find a support group to get over the wash temps. If they are indded an error, how stupid of them to send them out in the first place...

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asolo, keep in mind that the entire wash cycle doesn't have to be at the boosted temperature, only part of it (three minutes according to whirlpool_trainee). So, at a calculated heating rate of 1degF/minute, the water could be heated 20-25 degF during a moderately long wash cycle, without extending it.

The instructions probably specify a hot water supply at 120degF. If your supply is much cooler because of a long hot water lag, then maybe the sanitary cycle won't get hot enough to sanitize. Your problem, not theirs.

I wish I could be so sure that the info is wrong. When I had my disappointing LG experience, my wife's reaction was "they want all of us to do cold washes". Well, with those temperatures, everyone's going to do cold washes, no matter what setting they select. Seriously.

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Found the info on Allergen Reduction Performance:

"The wash water temperature is evaluated to determine its ability to kill dust mites. Published industry research has shown that dust mites are unable to survive in a water temperature of 55ð Celsius (131ð Fahrenheit), so the protocol requires that the wash cycle must be sustained at this temperature for at least three minutes."

NSF Brochure

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