Fisher Paykel GWL 15

qwe123November 10, 2013

I ran the service code test by holding down the water temp and pressing power
the last two lights are on so my service code is 3

any suggestions

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(00000011) Motor Control Module Fault
The Motor Control Module has found a memory error.
Primary Source: Motor Control Module.
Action: Replace Motor Control Module.

Sure that's the correct code? There are 16 levels of information in Diagnostics. Spin Speed lights indicate which level is active.
The initial information displayed is Level 0 (no spin speed lights) User Warning. User Warning 3 is off-balance.

Fault Code is viewed via Level 3 which is accessed by pressing Spin Speed Up and/or Down to turn on BOTH Hold and Slow lights.

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OK - Below are all the spin speeds with codes counting the lights from 1-8 from left to right. All with the water level light on low

Hold - 6,7&8
Slow - 4 & %
Slow and Medium - 3,6, & 8
Med - no lights
Hold and med - 1,2,4,5 & 8
med and Slow 5,7,& 8
Med, Slow and Hold - 6,7 & 8
fast 4 & 6

You can email me at

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Level 3 is what you should check, which is displayed when the spin HOLD and SLOW lights are on at the same time. It tells the last Fault Code that occurred.

No Spin Lights (Level 0) = Last User Warning
Hold (Level 1) = Cycle position at last User Warning
Slow (Level 2) = factory use only, not relevant for service
Slow + Hold (Level 3) = Last Fault Code
Med (Level 4) = factory use only, not relevant for service
Hold + Med (Level 5) = Low-byte cycle count at last Fault Code
Slow + Med (Level 6) = High-byte cycle count at least Fault Code
Hold + Slow + Med (Level 7) = Cycle position at last Fault Code
Fast (Level 8) = Water temp (thermistor reading)
Hold + Fast (Level 9) = Low-byte total cycle count
Slow + Fast (Level 10) = High-byte total cycle count
Hold + Slow + Fast (Level 11) = Motor RPM
Med + Fast (Level 12) = Water level (in millimeters)
Hold + Med + Fast (Level 13) = EEPROM version
Slow + Med + Fast (Level 14) = factory use only, not relevant for service
Hold + Slow + Med + Fast (Level 15) = factory use only, not relevant for service

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OK - The last fault code is 37


What now

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Is 37 a valid code

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Fault Code 37 = Pump blocked. The fault is detected by way of the water level not dropping when the machine is supposed to be draining.

If the pump is bad, not running, the machine of course can't drain.

Another common cause is a malfunction of the diverter valve, which makes it seem as if the pump is the problem when it's not. The valve controls where the pumped water goes.

Diverter *on*, the pump recirculates back into the tub through the recirculation port at top right/rear beneath the tub cover. This function is the Eco Active wash phase, occurs at the beginning of Heavy, Normal, Woolens, and Delicate cycles.

Diverter *off*, the pumped water goes out the drain hose.

If the diverter is clogged or broken or stuck in recirculate mode such that water can't go out the drain hose then the machine will interpret that as the pump being blocked. Lint accumulation can clog it. A foreign object such as a dime can get stuck in the diverter and block the drain port. The control board can go bad in such a way that it keeps the diverter turned on continuously.

The course of action is to confirm that the machine is not draining, then figure out why -- bad pump, or diverter trouble.

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