Cost difference between FL and IC Recessed lights

ras9999August 6, 2010

In my contract for my house I have a line item for budget to support up to 90 recessed lights (4" or 5").

Electrician is telling me to use 5" and to convert most of the FL recessed lights to normal kind because in future I can screw in a LED light.

He said the cost difference is slight, that FL is only tiny bit more expensive than Incadescent recessed cans (Halo). WHat is the true cost difference? Is it around $10/can ? $20 ?

Want to be ready when I ask for some sort of credit or upgrade to some of my lights to LED cans.

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FL recessed cans can cost ~ $60 if there is an integrated ballast.

If you're planning for recessed lights, edison base cans are probably being sold at clearance prices since new energy star requirements specify GU24 base.

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