Need Help on planning kitchen lights

maysfAugust 17, 2013

I need you guys' help with the lighting design for my kitchen+dinning combo room .
My new kitchen will be 9' ceiling flat (not vaulted), about 15'x16'. My architect has 9 recessed lights, 3 pendants over 4.5x8' island, and under cabinets lights.
If use 4" recessed can light ecosmart brand, I need about 14 lights based on the 35 lumens per sq ft rule posted on this site. I will need 2 rows between the stove range and island (right now it is 1 row). I was told by a sale person at a local lighting store that ecostar cyber tech 5" gives 800 lumen; DMF (dme11-8-30-qc, 5" 6" 1100lm 3000k - this is on the estimate sheet. Not sure exact what it is) 5" gives 1000 lumens. If I use these brands, 9 recessed lights on the design which is 1 row of recessed lights between range and island is enough. Any opinions of pros and cons between home depot brand and other brands. Am I calculate this right for the amount of the light I need? How much will the 4" Home Depot brand (light, and can together. Links to the hd website for the light and can would be nice)? I think 6" and 4" give out about same lumens, 625 vs 575 lumens. Which option is cheaper (hd brand 4" or the other brand 5")? Which one looks better (4" with 6 more holes on the ceiling or 5" )?
There isn't recessed lights over the sink, desk(bottom, a skylite above it) or the area leading to the private hallway. Should I add 3 recessed lights on each of this area?
my dinning area next to the kitchen will be 9', with 6" coffered ceiling 9x16, a chandelier, 2 scorn lights. Lighting store sale person recommend tap LED light on top of the molding of the coffered ceiling over the dinning table. I like the look, but it is expensive $400 total for the surrounding. Anywhere I can find these cheaper? How do i buy them, how many parts, etc?
I also need switch recommendations: I think I need 4 way switch for the kitchen lights: 1 near family room (to the top), 1 near main hallway(bottom right corner), 1 near private hallway(top right corner). Any suggestions?
thank you so much in advance! this is a wonderful website with many great helpful experts here.

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enOcean switches will enable you to have multi-way switches without running wire to the remote locations. Leviton is one vendor.

Cree cr series lights with higher output are available outside Home Depot. At the current pricing, Home Depot Cree CR lights are hard to beat.

If you intend to do cove lighting using led tape lights, there are multiple vendors online from,, ... For the most part, it will be low voltage lighting which will require a power supply located in an accessible location.

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Hi David,
I was hoping you are around to respond. Very glad you are here to help. Thanks for the links for led tape lights and suggestion for the switch. Thanks for led recessed lighting guide posted on this forum! If I use Home Depot ecosmart ( ie hd Cree) 4", with 3 pendants over the island and under cabinets lights, would 9 recessed lights be enough? I don't like dark place, as you can tell, I have 2 skylights above each side of the island in the kitchen, 1 skylight above my desk.
Do you think a recessed light above my desk is a good idea? Do i need it to be very close to the wall so no shadow will be created at night? how close is the idea distance? Should I just use lamp, without a light over my head?
Since you mentioned about low voltage light, the sales person suggested use low voltage halogen light can and trim set with led light bulb in the other rooms except kitchen, this way would be a lot cheaper. Is it true? Could this way be cheaper than Home Depot Cree?

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Low voltage lighting is typically more expensive than line voltage.
Having an overhead light would provide more ambient light than a desk lamp.

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Attached a link about leviton's enOcean switches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lev net info

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Hi David,
Thanks so much again for the input and the link!

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