Asko 7305 & 20605 - Fix or Replace?

ABQ1November 12, 2012

Hi, We bought the Asko 7305 dryer & 20605 washer in the Fall of 1998. With the exception of replacing the washer's main control board about 2004 they have been excellent with no service calls, clothes are cleaned & stains removed, etc.

But, last week the 7305 dryer quit: worked fine one load, next load no power to the control panel. So, we decided to ignore it for a while until $$ are a little more available and started hanging clothes to dry.

An, now yesterday the 20605 washer got an F6 code and quit. The F6 code Motor fault states to check wiring to motor or replace motor if necessary. Great, especially with $$ still not available.

So, I unstacked the dryer and pulled the top cover off and viola! A burned wire to the washer electrical outlet and the 2 fuseholders are starting to melt. So, the dryer needs 2 fuseholders & fuses, plus the wire replaced and the dryer "should" work again, as "should" the washer. "Should" is the opportune word.

What are your thoughts? Go for the repair of the dryer and hope the washer did not break also? I have found on the Internet there is a Asko fuse bypass procedure authorized by Asko but that must be a service call job as I cannot find the procedure anywhere. Repair the washer also if it did break? We have an excellent repair company here that is an authorized Asko repair company. The dryer also has a bearing issue, I suspect, as it has squealed loud off & on for many months now so I would have the repair company also check that out.

What other washers & dryers would we consider? We built our laundry room around the Asko so we only have 24" of room, unless we decide to completely move the laundry to another room, which we do have the option to do easily. And, we would also prefer to go with a gas dryer if we need to buy again but we have lived with the electric and can continue to do so. The other room can have the washer & dryer stacked or side by side as we have 67" of room. We have loved the f/l (front loader) Asko. There are only 3 of us in the house.

This is our 1st post and this appears to be a good site.


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If you are happy with them, then I would get them fixed. The problems you describe are gonna be less $$$ to fix than to replace the machines. If you are handy at all you can fix the washer, there should be a tech sheet attached inside the cabinet somewhere that will tell you how to test the electrical components like the motor etc. The dryer may be a little different, if asko truly has a fuse bypass fix then I would let a service person deal with that one, dryers have a lot of current going thru them and I would want to make sure the dryer has adequate protection against high current shorts. A shorted element can cause blown fuses and melted wiring so be sure to check the element with a multimeter for shorts to ground. Line fuse and holder are $57. Repair clinic has all the parts you need for these machines, motor is about $200, ouch. Looks to be a brushed motor though, maybe the brushes are worn out, at that age I could see that as a possibility. Just looked and the brushes are $55 each and you would need 2 of them. So even if you spend $300-$400 in repairs it is still gonna be a lot less than a new washer and dryer, and the important part is you like how they clean. Hope this helps.

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