California's Title 24 re Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting

lv123August 21, 2012

Could someone with expertise in Title 24 compliance standards please summarize the most up to date requirements for outdoor, wall mounted lighting? AND Who is manufacturing the combination photocell/motion sensor lights that meet the requirements? Seems I'm finding plenty of discussion but none coming across as overall, succinct summary of the requirements.

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Basically you either use a LED or CFL fixture (with GU24 socket so you can't screw in a incandescent bulb), or you use a motion sensor with any light you want. Some lights have motion sensors built in. Another way to go is to have a separate motion sensor that controls several fixtures.

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Be careful with motion sensors and anything except incandescent lights.
If the light was designed with a motion sensor it will be fine, but adding one to a light is about the same as running them on a conventional (TRIAC) dimmer.

If the power supply in the CFL or LED is not designed to deal with the distorted waveforms (voltage and current) it can damage the bulb, up to causing a fire from overheating.

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