Cree CR6 TrueWhite Cans - 2700k vs 3000k

Individual_DudeJuly 19, 2013

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the TrueWhite CR6, either 2700k and/or 3000k. We're getting white glazed cabinets and I don't want the light to yellow them too much, but I still want warmth (I know, asking for everything!).

Thing is, I just went to the light lab at a local store and the 3000k vs 2700k LEDs was kind of startling. 2700 was much more yellow, and I didn't think 300 was enough to make that much difference. Granted, I didn't make sure the 2700k Cree was the TrueWhite version, not the FD, and the 3000k LED they had was a Solara.

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I have experience with other brands' 2700k and 3000k lights, as well as experience with 2700k CR6 and CR4. Personally, I'd go with 3000k, hands down. 2700k is just too yellow.

Just because incandescents are 2700k doesn't mean that that is something you should stick with. Keep in mind that 3000k isn't that different from 2700k -- I'd say its similar to going to a slightly white halogen from a conventional non-halogen incandescent.

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I went with 2700k because, at the time, 2700k was what was available
at a reasonable cost. The Sylvania 3000k had a turn-on delay,
and cost quite a bit more (and I have 47 recessed LEDs so far).

If price/delay/dimming were competitive, I would go with either
3000 or 3500. I'm not dissatisfied in any way with the 2700, I
just think that slightly whiter looks better, as long as all rooms
match (no harsh change from one color temperature to another).


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