lg fl studio series lswf388hvs wash temp fyi

gates1November 12, 2010

Thank you for contacting LG Electronics. I will be happy to be able to assist you.

The water temperatures are listed below.

Cold is 85F

Warm is 105F

Hot is 120F

Sanitary Cycle is between 153F - 161F

The heating element is used in any cycle using hot water and the sanitary cycle.

Please remember to have you model number, serial number, date of purchase, Dealer and the Proof of Purchase ready when you contact LG.

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email, or by calling our customer service division at 1 800-243-0000 at your convenience

Thank you for choosing LG Electronics.


Theresa Z.

LG Customer Service

Customer Interactive Center


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Well, that's all good but what do these temps mean? Is 105F what ATC tries to achieve during a warm wash fill or during the main wash cycle. If 105 is the target fill temperature then it really means nothing in a low-fill front loader because the washer will probably move from wash to rinse before the heater has had a chance to bring the water back to the target temp.

That's the thing with all these new washers: yeah, they might use the heater on every cycle but if the initial temp in the tub is too low, don't expect the heater to boost it up to 120F if the main wash is strictly time-controlled. Unless you get a Euro-brand like Miele, Bosch or ASKO or select a cycle like "Sanitary" or "Allergen", most washers will just move on with the cycle if the main wash time for the selected soil level has elapsed.

It seems the only way to get a hotter wash is to select either Whites or Heavy Duty combined with the heaviest soil level plus options like Steam or Stain Treatment.

Rather complicated from a Euro point of view...


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Alex, I have read in some of the Whirlpool manual that the wash time may be extended depending on the wash temp. Now I dont know to what degree it will perform this event. My HE3T does seem to maintain a 105 warm wash as I have checked it with a Thermometer, but mine is 9 yrs old and I cant vouch for the new ones.

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Yes, the Heavy Duty cycle description reads: "If the water
temperature is lower than needed for this cycle, the heater will warm the water to the optimum temperature." But no other cycle mention anything of added heat- maybe they left it out because it might be too much information for the consumer... you never know these days. :-(

What I do like about the Whirlpools is that there are four cycles that allow the Sani temp and the "older generation" of Duets did have a Max Rinse feature. The newest ones only seem to have the regular Extra Rinse, though.

Oh, and back to LG. Well, at least you can easily check the water temp inside the drum by pressing one or two buttons during the wash - no thermometer needed. ;)

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And, this mfg's ideas about cold/warm/hot are different from other poster's machine's information. The consumer is left with the burden of bird-dogging the whole thing to find out. Really annoying state of affairs.

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Whirlpool trainee, On the LG FL you can check water temp by pressing buttons? Do you know which ones they are? How do you know this? Very interesting

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Every LG washer has this and I've seen it on Samsungs, too (people showing it on YouTube).

I can't tell you which buttons give you access to this function because it depends on the model. It's usually the Wash/Rinse button, sometimes combined with Soil Level.

Here's a service manual click here. This washer is no longer for sale but LG apparently stopped putting their manuals online. I think you can get them from Sears.


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