Need Help - Detergent Recommendations (Denim / All Clothes)

tuffcalcNovember 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

I currently use so many laundry detergents my laundry room looks like a chemistry lab. I'm trying to whittle down to only two - one for darks and one for everything else. After doing lots of reading I've come to the following conclusion:

1. Tide Total Care - for pretty much everything. For white loads add some oxy or bleach.

(I'm wondering what the consensus is on this? I have seen very conflicting views on Tide Total Care. I'm not concerned about price, just about getting my stuff clean in the most delicate way possible.)

2. Woolite (currently using extra dark care) for my darks and denims.

(Should I be using Woolite Extra Delicates Care instead of Extra Dark Care on my jeans? Which is more delicate? I'm assuming just by the packaging the extra delicates care product is supposed to come off as the more safe product - is it also safe on darks? - I currently have both and don't know which to use).

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I feel your pain! Since I went back to an old school washer, which by the way, out cleans the Bosch by leaps and bounds,Speed Queen. I have tried several detergents, all he and they still suds too much for me, Tide Total Care he was one of the worst and it didn't clean very good, was hard to rinse out, same with some others. What I have found that works really well is Cheer powder, Cleans great and very low sudsing. There is no OBA's in it so it's great for colors. I do like Tide with Bleach he for my light colors and whites that I don't bleach.

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FWIW, I discovered Sears Ultra Plus detergent in powder form to really clean well and has almost no suds to speak of. See link below of my AWN 542 in action

Here is a link that might be useful: AWN 542 using sears detergent.

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I tried the Kirkland powder and just wasn't impressed with how it cleaned. I went back to driving to Sears to get the powdered Ultra Plus in the orange box. Still like it the best for removing odors and stains without fading. The Tide seemed to fade my clothes. Though for kids sports uniforms you couldn't beat it for grass stains on polyester.

So to answer your question, I just use the Sears and supplement with Oxyclean on the whites.

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