Decision fatigue - please help!

boone_2009July 19, 2013

Okay, so we are in the minority who like fluorescent lighting for under our cabinets :-).

*Please, please, please* give me your 'best' recommendations for:
T5 linear fluorescent light bulbs (3000-3500 Kelvin), preferably with a slim profile.

We will have cabinet light rails to hide the bulbs. AND we are going shopping tomorrow :-). I have stopped thinking straight after hours and hours and hours of online research and copious copy-and-paste notes in Word documents. In other words, there is absolutely no light bulb going on over my head.

Thanks a lot!

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I forgot to add - the lights will be hard-wired.

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I realized I may not have been clear - what I'm asking for is names of good brands/companies that make these lights. We saw GE linear fluorescents at Home Depot which fit the bill - however, they are made in China. I guess everything is, nowadays.
Do professional/amateur electricians on this forum recommend any particular make?

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My contractor recommended Alkco CFL UCLs (which I think is Phillips) but they were hard for me to find, and when I did find it the price was more than even expensive LEDs. So I didn't pursue it.

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Thanks, calumin. We settled on the GE Premium Linear Fluorescent - but I'm still looking around. Appreciate your kind response.

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