Bought Juno Trac 12; Have 120V direct wire--now what?

irishlaw1July 21, 2012

We are at the tail end of our kitchen reno. The electrician wired for UCLs and told us to "buy what we want". For a variety of reasons, i bought the Juno Trac 12 system. Electrican came today to finish everything up and explained that he direct wired for 120V UCLs. (I guess I should have asked more questions, or educated myself...but... here we are). I looked at my receipt and it said non-returnable/25% restocking fee...So my husband went t return them and the people at the lighting store scoffed, saying it would be simple to switch out the 120V for the low volt with transformer. Electrican says he "can" do it, but may make a mess of our cabinets. One final issue: we have a "fire stop" all around the kitchen -- and that is the issue the electrican points to as stopping him from wiring. Our basement is below the kitchen and is open.

Does anyone here have any practical advice, or an opinion on what I should do? I am obviously a rookie at this, and I am (not as obviously) very very sick of thinking about it. Advice?

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The route which will give the least headache is to use direct wire 120V AC lighting.

Two other alternatives
1. Have the existing 120V AC wiring for the UCL separated out to form the low voltage wiring. Downsides - may not be simple depending on how it was wired up. A separate 120V AC run (with switch(es)) is required to the power supply (transformer).

2. Fish new low voltage wiring and add a separate 120V AC run with the necessary controlling switch(es) to the power supply (transformer).

Your electrician will need to use the appropriate wiring gauge to account for the voltage drop and current draw.

In both cases, the power supply could be left in the basement.

Both could require additional holes inside the cabinets.

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Thanks for the response, davidtay. It sounds to me like the electrician is giving us the straight scoop and the lighting store is telling us it is "easy" to change because they sold us the lights. To keep things simple, it sounds like we need to return the Juno system (and pay the restocking fee-yikes) and then buy something else. You helped me understand it all a little better! Thanks.

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