Too many lights?

rmiriamJuly 3, 2013

I'm the first to admit that I don't know anything about lighting. After browsing this forum, I came up with the attached lighting plan for my open kitchen/dining room/living room. In addition to the ceiling lights, I will have undercounter lighting in the kitchen. I had a contractor out yesterday, and he said the can lights I have planned are overkill if we use 6" cans. What do you think? Can I get away with less?

Thanks for any input!

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I don't think it's too many in the kitchen area but personally, I'd eliminate the others except for the entry. Install an electrical box for a light over the DR table, and also one over the kitchen sink for some type of additional lighting for your prep area.

For the sofa area add table lamps or sconces. If you want to be able to turn on the table lamps from one switch, have the electrician wire either the top or lower socket of each wall outlet (where lamps are plugged in) to a switch.

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OK, thanks. I like the idea of sconces in the sofa area! I thought the cans might tie everything together if used outside of the kitchen, but on second thought, I'm not even sure I want everything tied together quite that much. I will take them out of the non-kitchen areas and just stick with a chandelier over the DR table (already there) and probably a ceiling fan in the sofa area, because I'm in Texas, and it gets hot here!

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I presume there is provision for under-cabinet lighting, whether halogen or fluorescent.

Top of cabinet fixture and cove lighting can be used to create soft ambient illumination, something I have never found pot fixtures creating.

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I have an open concept area. The kitchen/eating area is about 30' x 10' open to the Great Room which is 14' x 18'. Including the open stairway, the space is about 30' x 24'.

I have 4 6" pots in the GR and 5 in the kitchen with two pendants over the BB between the kitchen and eating area and a hanging fixture over the table. I put a dimmer on the BB lights and plan to add one to the GR and dinette because it is often too bright. The 6" pots take 100 watt bulbs so that is a lot of light.

Just provided for reference. Your space is about 24' x 20'. I do have west exposure and two large windows and a garden door on this side as well as some light coming through from the front.

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The kitchen area is good and need good light but I think you should decrease the number in sitting area and install them on your porch or drive way. In this way your home will look more nice and attractive.

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