need info on LG WM3885 controls

mfduffyNovember 22, 2011

Can anyone with the LG touchscreen models tell me a little about how the option selection works: Do they persist between loads or do you have to select them each time? (Extra Rinse, Water +, Wash/Rinse Optimizer, Pre-Wash, etc.) Do they all work the same way or are some sticky and some not?

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Hi there, all the controls on the screen are touch, my friend owns one. Very nice. Also the options reset every wash. Plus some options cannot be used with certian cycles. So if you use lets say normal, and you choose water +, but then next load you use, bulky, it wont let you choose water + if its not avaliable for that cycle. I hope im making sense.

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Thanks for the info. Bummer that settings like the wash/rinse optimizer or extra rinse have to be selected every time. I was hoping they would be "sticky."

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No they are not, its an amazing, silent and does balance very well. As i have watched my friends. The LCD screen is very nice and has nice color, although it does get warm during the wash. Each setting has to be selected each time. But i dont think that distracts from the nice, solid feel and how quiet it is! ask me anything else if you need to know anything.

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