Stumped on how to light half of my kitchen

mdm144July 1, 2014

We're about to start on our kitchen remodel. We're combining our old kitchen with what was an eat-in/breakfast area and making it all one big family cooking space.

This has lead to a challenge on the lighting front. Lighting the "old kitchen" half is no problem as it has flat, 8 ft ceilings. We'll be doing 9 recessed lights there.

The old eat-in area, however, has a sloped ceiling (high of 10 ft, sloping down to 7 ft where it meets an outside wall). A large portion of that ceiling is glass skylights/atrium style windows. To complicate even further, the other side of that ceiling is shingled roof, so I'd rather not put in recessed lights there and give up any insulation. It gets a little chilly in there as it is due to all the glass.

Thoughts I've had:
- Some sort of track/rail lighting system
- Large pendant light(s)? Maybe some drum pendants?

Since the idea is that this will be one big space, I'd like to keep the lighting as even as possible across the two halves.

Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bigger diagram

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Cove lighting?

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Would cove lighting by itself be enough to adequately light the whole room? Most places I've seen cove lighting had some other source of light like cans or pendants to help out.

Current thought is to use 2 or three of these shallow drum pendants.

Here is a link that might be useful: drum pendant

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It is possible with high output LED. The color kinetics website has more details on cove lighting possibilities.

Using pendants would be useful. In all likelihood, they will need to be augmented.

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The link below has details on how a cove could be made for uplighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: specs and ideas

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A rail system would make it easier to have the lights at the same level though out the kitchen. Or at least a rail with pendents over the island.

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