Over sink lighting advise please.

celtinNEJuly 5, 2011

The new garden window was installed (mostly) today. I need to choose the light fixture above as the electrician is going to be on site next week. Do I go with a flush, semi-flush or pendant here? I am open to any and all suggestions.Pics would be great as to what you've done over your sink. I did cross post in kitchens.

The main fixtures are Medya Celtic Knots. If that helps at all.


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Do you get a lot of natural light? Are you going to use window treatment on the window? I would personally do a recessed light there since you do not want to detract from the window and the other unique lighting in the room.
Good luck!

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Thanks Sara! No window treatment there, just herbs. I'll run it by the electrician tomorrow.

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A single light source (other than a physically large source like a florescent tube) will throw harsh shadows.

I routinely place two smaller light source over sinks if there is not going to be a larger fixture.

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Thanks fir your help brickeyee.

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Brickeyee can you be more specific on the light sources you use?

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