lighting question for DAVIDTAY

lisadluJuly 28, 2010


From other posts I've read you seem to be very knowledgable about the LED undercab lighting. I am trying to figure out everything I need before I order from the ebay seller ledpro-tw but I am getting confused. I plan on sending him a diagram and a list for him to check but thought I would run it past you first incase there is a language barrier. Also if you know of a company in the USA that is as reasonably priced as Sean let me know. I know I need the light bars with seamless connectors or cable connectors but then I get hazy. I want my lights hardwired into a dimmable wall switch. Do I need to order an Adapter (is this just to plug into an outlet?) or Power Supply/Transformer (is this the one I need for hardwiring)? Sean shows the Adapter or Power Supply as the power source connection methods so I figure I only need one or the other. Then to make them dimmable do I need the 2 channel dimmer or the 4 channel? I am only having a single row of lights and looking at the picture it seems these go on a row of two or a row of four. Is this channel dimmer where I would have to manually dim or can I have it on a wall dimmer switch? Sorry for the loooonnnnggg post but you can tell I am electrically challenged! Thanks! Lisa

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The following websites carry the exact same light bar and are local to the USA.

Send me the diagram if you want.

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You can contact me offline by clicking on my screen name and using the link to send me an e-mail.

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