depth needed for washer

Supernova5271November 19, 2012

I am planning to buy a Samsung washer and Dryer. the two will be stacked in the space. I am having concerns if they will fit in my closet.

The depth of the room is 33".

The appliances have depth of 31.5"

1. I want to make sure how much space does the washer need? is 1.5" enough?

2. I know the gas dryer will need additional 4" for the venting. We have that space but we may need to stack the appliance in a way such that the dryer comes out further than the washer. Is that possible?

would really appreciate help.

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i have the sammy w & D. IMO you need a bare MINIMUM of 5' from the back wall of the closet, to the far wall of the room. 6' would be a WHOLE LOT BETTER. It's going to be annoyingly cramped, if you have just 5' of depth.

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Have you checked the Samsung web site? Often there are links to click on, at a product's page, that gives the technical specs on dimensions. It's worth a look to see if you can find that on the machines in which you are interested.

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