chandelier: small room but big table?

kitchennovice44July 14, 2011

When your dining room (actually dining space/open layout) is small (8' x 11') and already fairly busy with art, mirror, windows, but your dining table is fairly big (42" x 72"), are you better off going a bit smaller in chandy size to complement room size or going a bit bigger to play to table proportion?

I've read all the "rules of thumb" about choosing a chandy fixture that say go 12" smaller than table width (that would be 30") or add room proportions together, (that would be 19") Totally different specs! I love a chandy that's 20" diameter, but PB designer tells me that's too small for table. Just curious if anyone faced this dilemma themselves or have opinions one way or the other...

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I've got a 24" 5 arm crystal chandelier that is 28" high and it looks just fine over a 42" x70" wide table. With 2 extensions in we sometimes use candlesticks to supplement. In my opinion a 30" diameter light fixture would overwhelm a 42" table. I've seen a few dining rooms where the owners got carried away looking only at internet pictures and the result is absurd. I would say 20" to 24" would work just fine, but remember the fixture has to provide light. Would a 20" have a sufficient number of bulbs for effective not over bright lighting?

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Thanks Roadbike: one I'm considering takes 5 60w bulbs (candle-style,) so hopefully bright enough. I think 22-24" size would be great, but I really like this 20" fixture: so may gamble on it. (Funny...some designers say it's always better to go too big than too small when in doubt re: chandelier size...while others say just the opposite. Guess it's all personal preference.)

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Go for it and enjoy!!!

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