bosch vision 500 series update/vibration pucks & stall mat

kateskourosNovember 27, 2011

i have these stacked in my mudroom closet and used them for the first time yesterday. the inaugural load was a full load of heavily soiled white cottons, mostly socks. i set the cycle on xxtra sanitary using the additional stain removal option. using 3 tablespoons of persil the cycle took 3 hours, 18 minutes.

i was very pleased with the outcome, although next time i will probably add some white vinegar and/or oxyclean. i didn't add anything for the first load as i wanted to see what the machine and some persil (gold) could do. i should also note these were items so dirty and dingy i had the slated for the trash until i decided to see if they could be salvaged. of course i had already replaced my kids' socks with new -so now we have enough socks to last four weeks or more without washing. okay, so i got carried away one day at target!

while planning the space for the laundry i didn't want to run the risk of having a set of machines that walked away during spin cycles. following the advice of some posters i bought a set of vibration pads (they look like hockey pucks) and installed them on each corner. these might be fine alone, but since i'm prone to overdo everything, the units sit on a stall mat in addition to the feet. i didn't expect to have any problems and with this combo, all is well. on the fastest spin cycle i can feel the floor vibrate slightly while standing right up against the machines but they don't move at all.

we're STILL not in the new house yet, but the old top loader in the temporary house finally died, so i switched over to the new set. well worth the effort of carrying a laundry basket out to the new build.

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All I can say is I tried a dense rubber mat similar to a stall mat on my new stacked Bosch Axxis set and it caused vibration. In the case with these units, the harder the floor's surface, the better.... as long as all 4 feet are solid on the floor.

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Katekourus, where did you purchase the stall mats? (not the vibration pads)

Also, did they smell awful (strong smell of rubber) when you first got them and, if so, how long did they take to lose the odor?

Thanks, in advance.

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