Bread Baking - Using the Ken Forkish Method

ann_tJuly 31, 2014

I've been making all my bread recently by hand, using the Forkish method of pinch and fold. Both regular and sourdough breads.

This method also uses the autolyse technique, which isn't new to me. I've been using it for years. .

For the time being, I have retired my Magic Mill.

Eight small baguettes baked yesterday from same-day dough.
900 g of white flour, 100 g of Organic Red Fife flour, locally milled, 780g water, 5 g of yeast and 26 g salt.

Crumb Shot.

I made a second batch of dough last night, this time using 100 g of locally milled organic stone ground Spelt in place of the Red Fife. And this batch went into the fridge for an overnight fermentation.

Taken out of the fridge this morning at 5:00 AM and left on the counter to warm up.

Loaves were out of the oven by 10:30 AM. Four larger baguettes.

Canadian flours are considered some of the best in the world. So I have been experimenting with some .

True Grain is also where I get my organic rye for feeding my sourdough starter. I plan to try more of their flours.

If you are interested in the Ken Forkish method, he has a number of videos on his site. See Link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ken Forkish - Videos

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I never miss reading a bread post especially when pictures are posted also. I love bread and I love bread making. Just today I made a loaf of rye bread and fed my sourdough starter for a loaf of sourdough tomorrow.

I hope to get my loaves not so dense but with more big holes. After a followup post from you Ann T and others last week I have Ken Forkish's book Water Flour Salt on the way.

My breads are always moist and tastes good, I am looking for another crumb than I have been having. I maybe disappointed and be more satisfied with my current results but I need to try.

So much good advice from all CF.
Going back to the drawing board.

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Ann T, as always, that looks delicious.

I love the difference in the bread with the locally milled flour or corn instead of the commercially available flours. There are few choices here, so I've even resorted to grinding wheat berries with the coffee grinder occasionally.

Some time or another I'll buy a mill and grow my own corn, at least, maybe other grains, but until now I just continue to seek out the options available here. And, of course, the internet has made this a whole new world full of choices.

Retired the Magic Mill, though? Now that's drastic!


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I suspect that I overused the Magic Mill. After reading Forkish, who emphasizes learning the feel of the dough, I stopped using the Magic Mill for bread. I may return to it, but I wanted to feel that I had perfected "hole-i-ness" before relying on it again.

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We added the Forkish pinch last year thanks to one of your bread
Posts. Now have four favorite bread methods depending on what
We want...forkish can become so many things.
(5 if you count the english muffins)

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Looks gorgeous!

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Besides the bread technique, I am lovin' that this guy's last name is Forkish! :)

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Lpink, I know. Great name isn't it?


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Whooooo Rahhhhh....I almost did it.

Received Flour Water Salt Yeast book in the mail last Tuesday. Boy was that a read!!! Read and read, located all my supplies which I had most of except for a big bread tub. Didn't have time to order one, I wanted to make bread now. Stopped at hardware store on Friday, bought a white 2 1/2 gal paint worked well.

So this morning was to be bread making "Saturday White Bread" by Ken Forkish rules. I am pleased with results for the first time. I am the poster who wanted big holes in my bread.

I got one large loaf with a couple smaller baguette style.
I butter and then toasted slices for suppper. So good.
I made notes and next time I will come closer but my first results I can live with. I know one thing I do not like Mr Forkish's dark dark crust.....I am more fond of lighter golden color....will make that adjustment later on..... shirl

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Shirl, that was your first time? I'd say that you did great.

A dark, dark crust is more the European way. It depends on what I want the bread for. I'll bake to a dark brown if the bread is just going to be eaten. But since most of our bread ends up being toasted, and I like my toast, well toasted, I don't bake my crusts to a really dark stage, because then the toast crust gets burnt.


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Oh, my, you did GREAT!

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