Add a 7th LR4, or mix in two or three LR6s

ramremJuly 4, 2010

We need LED advice. Our kitchen is not quite 9' x 10', with an 8 foot high ceiling. The refrigerator is right next to the main entry. The counter next to the refrigerator is about 6.5' long, and it includes a stove top. Perpendicular to that counter is a 5" counter that includes the sink. The next counter is about 5' long and ends at the wall ovens, which are next to a small passageway that leads to the dining area. Our current plan is to use two LR4s over the stove top counter, one LR4 over the sink counter, and one LR4 over the other counter. We also plan to place an LR4 just inside the entry and another LR4 in the middle of the room. All the LR4s would have the 15 degree shield, and 540 lumens. We have read the praises of the LR6 and its 650 lumens, but we prefer the smaller size and moderately recessed look of the LR4. On the other hand, we are worried that the the six LR4s may not generate enough light.

We previously had six 50w incandescent bulbs in the room, and it was a bit too dark for us. While surfing the web, we've seen the LR4 compared favorably to a 60w incandescent bulb, and we've seen some comments indicating that the LR4 would project noticably less light than a 60w incandescent bulb. We would like to hear whether the folks who have, or are quite familiar with, the LR4 think the six LR4s will generate more light than the six 50w incandescent bulbs?

If the six LR4s will not be sufficient, should we spend the $180 to add a 7th LR4 in this small space? Alternatively, should we substitute the somewhat larger, brighter and still somewhat recessed CR6s for the LR4s near the entry and in the center of the room, and possibly for the LR4 over the sink, as these three fixtures are on a straight line. We assume that these different types of LEDs can be on the same line with a dimmer, but I cannot visualize whether the extra lumens (575 v. 540 per fixture) would make much of a difference in the overall lighting. Because we do not have a high ceiling, we also fear that it would look odd having the 2 or 3 somewhat brighter, larger CR6s so close to the LR4s (the light in the center of the room would be no more than two feet away from two of the LR4s).

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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6 LR4 lamps should be sufficient.

I would rather have use CR6 or LR6 lamps. (5 -6)

More light is trapped within the recessed can for incandescent lamps since the entire bulb is encased within the can whereas the CREE lights have the LEDs facing the opening so that less light is trapped.

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Thanks for your response Davidtay. We have decided to install 6 Cree GU24 cans now and then order the CR6s when they are available, which I understand will be in late August.

We decided against the LR6 based on the extra cost we would have to pay. We do not like the looks or the grease trapping potential of the ridges that show on the LR6 between the lens/glass covering the led lights and the edge of the trim. I know that you can purchase a smooth white trim to cover the ridges, however, then the total cost of the LR6 "bulb" and trim is close to $100,verses the $60 -$70 that the CR6 is supposed to cost. According to the Cree representative, the CR6 will have a smooth surface between the lens covering of the led lights and the edge of the trim.

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Try Claimed arrival date is 07/25/10.

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When we saw the Crees in the showroom, we decided to go with six LR4s, because the LR6s have grease catching grooves between the bottom of the "bulb" and the bottom of the housing. Even with the LR6 smooth trim insert, some of the circular grooves still showed.

The LR4s are great. We have considerably more light than we had with our 50 watt halogen bulbs, and we actually even dim the lights a bit for general use. We also find the smaller smooth surfaced look of the LR4s to be more attractive than the LR6s. I understand that the CR6s will also have the smooth surfaced look.

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