LG or Samsung??

MichelleDTNovember 27, 2011

Looking for new washer/dryer for my Miami Beach condo. Great deal...or so I think at $600 off on the following LG set:

Model WM2240CW - Washer

Model DLE2240W - Dryer

We use the condo 6-8 times a year (towels, swimsuits, shorts, etc - nothing that requires gentle care) and are replacing a 10 year old Whirlpool set that does nothing but gurgle....


Model #: DV350AEW - Dryer

Model #: WF350ANW - Washer

Both $499 on sale. The Samsung has a higher non sale price if that is worth anything.



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It looks like the Samsung you are considering has an internal heater while the LG does not. If that is the case, I would definitely go with Samsung.

I am on my 4th front load washer (LG with a heater, which I bought a year ago and really like) and would not buy one without an internal heater. In my experience, running an extra hot or sanitary cycle from time to time is the best way to avoid mold and smell problems.

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Agree, if you must buy a front loader then go with the one with the internal heater.

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Thanks so much...are top loaders better? I thought front load machines were better.

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"Thanks so much...are top loaders better? I thought front load machines were better."

Well ... that's a loaded question around here ... LOL ...

Depends who you ask.

I've used FL machines for about 11 years and would never go back to any form of TL (traditional or HE).

Most FL machines clean better and rinse better than TL. They are also more gentle on the things you are washing (due to the way they move clothes in the drum vs. TL).

You do need to choose wisely however (no matter what you buy).

Agree you should be getting one with an internal heater.

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Front load user for over a decade and like Livebetter I would never go back. I have a Samsung with heater that I'm happy with and is probably going on three years. And like every one suggested a heater would be a better purchase.

That said, there is one more thing you will need to put on your list of things to do when you leave. Make sure and drain the dispenser, wipe out the ring around the opening, and leave the door open. Since a front loader is sealed, if you don't leave it open, you are going to come back to a smelly washer. But even a top loader I would leave the lid up just because of the humidity at the beach.

A FL would be no different than if you turn off your refrigerator and don't crack the door open. Since a fridge is sealed, even clean, they will smell if they are left closed and not running. So if you don't keep it open you will have an issue with a FL.

If you are letting other people use your beach condo you might want to think about a TL just because it might be easier for other people to use the machine. Also a TL left closed still gets air and you possibly wouldn't have the smell issues.

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I also am looking at the LG vs Samsung. Different model though... the LG 3360 has the internal heater.

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@jg1126, I have no experience with either first hand. I did check consumer reports and the Samsung (WF350AN) scores much higher than the LG3360 (FWIW).

I'm a fan of the LGs but would consider a different model over the 3360. Both the WM3885 and WM3875 would be better choices IMHO. They both score higher than the Samsung WF350AN (although there are other Samsung models that score higher (ie. WF511AB).

I know several people who own both brands and are very happy with their machines.

Good luck!

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Thanks I will look into the 3875/85. 3360 series caught my eye since it is on sale.

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Thanks everyone...just ordered the Samsung W/D.


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Yep all personal preference as far as TL VS FL.
I much prefer TL, about the only way I would use a FL is if someone gave it to me free.
I would certainly never actually buy one though.

In Europe FL are more popular mainly because of the perceived energy efficiency. and I think most places in Europe are so dang small you have to stack your washer dryer.
In the US TL still have about 75-80% of the market.

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I just bought this LG model WM2240CW(installed today, actually). Was trying to decide between this and a Whirpool Duet, but most of the people who I knew who had an LG loved them and the Duet reviews were more mixed on consumer reports. I didn't read anything about the internal heater though -- did I just make a big mistake?

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We have an LG TROMM WM2277HW washer. We also live in South Florida. We have had to replace the front hinge twice over a course of 4 years. This requires removal of the top and the whole front panel of the washer. Our front panel is also rusting through and this happened during the end of the first year of ownership.

Now, the buttons are hard to press as the switch contacts are being corroded across the entire width of the control panel. Since the front panel, hinge, and now the buttons are working poorly, we are no longer servicing this machine. We are very dissapointed that this machine had cost so much...and failed so horribly. This happening way...before our perceived life of ownerhip of this product LG TROMM WM2277.

The blue LED's are still bright & pretty. The tub is awesome with the roller balls on the fins. The water distribution pump becomes annoying loud during the wash cycle after the first two years of ownership...but it still works and the machine still drains okay, four years later.

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We have LG Tromm's and so far so good, we've had them for 3 yrs.

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