Buy Whirlpool TL or FL??

seawind23November 13, 2011

I had a Kenmore front loader and it was VERY dependable, however, my clothes stunk!! Expecially my towels. Mine was an 06 model and when I bought it no one was knew the long term concessions. I sold my Kenmore set on Craigs List and bought a new Whirlpool Cabrio 8800 w/ Dryer. Today it tore holes in a new sweater!! I bought the WP TL from Sears and they will let me swap me swap it out for another set. PROBLEM is I do no know what type to buy, or what brand it buy!!! Do I want stinky clothes or torn sweaters??? Please send me feedback as soon as possible$ Thanks so much!!!

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well some people absolutely love FL and never had a single problem with them.

However myself I stick with TL because I feel in "general" you have a better chance of getting a TL that will not have mildew/mold problems, will usually last longer.

All I can recommend is what we just bought and had delivered yesterday which is a set of LG washer and dryer.
The LGWT5101H washer with matching Dryer is what we got.
Have only done 5 loads so far with them but so far love them.
Have zero complaints in how they work, both very quiet, clean the hell out of everything we have washed so far.
The Washer is 4.5cu.ft and Dryer is 7.3cu.ft

Really too early to tell about anything else like mold/mildew etc but that is highly unlikely in a TL anyway.

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I've used FL machines for over 10 years with no issues (as have several other regular posters on this forum). Maybe they�ll chime in here. I personally would never go back to a TL.

While I do think some machines may have had design issues, I believe most stinky issues are user related. Manufacturers did a terrible job of educating people how to maintain their machines.

There are certain steps required to keep your front loader in good (clean) condition.

Many front loaders clean better than TL. They are also gentler than TL or HE TL. The motion with which HE TL move the clothes can be rough compared to the FL "drop" method.

You are going to get varied responses here to what you "should" buy. You need to decide what your most important features are and pick your machine accordingly.

I personally would not be afraid of smell from a new FL. Follow a few simple steps to ensure your tub remains clean (leave door open, pop out detergent tray when done for the day, run a hot wash once a week or run the tub clean once a month). Because there is so little water in a FL machine, proper detergent dosing is also very important.

Good luck and let us know what you end up with.

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@seawind23, I read this article the other day and it perfectly melds with what I'm saying about taking care of your machine. I am posting it for your information (not to start a verbal war on TL vs FL). It is from a UK site written by appliance repair professionals.

"This is a pretty common thing that we service guys encounter, the customer complains of a bad odour from the washing machine or washer dryer.
First let's start with a simple fact, there's no component that can fail to cause a bad odour from inside a washer.

Sorry, but it's not a fault with the machine and it will undoubtedly be from some form of external source and in this article we will explain what causes the problem, how to solve it and how to avoid bad smells from your washing machine ... "

click the link to read the whole thing :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Smelly Washing Machines

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As I've said here repeatedly, ALL washers are susceptible to odor if not used properly. I visited my sister & bro-in-law yesterday. They have a 27-years-old Maytag toploader. She washes only in cold water and uses liquid detergent. The machine has a musty, slightly sour odor. Although I have explained it to my sister & nephew (he does some of the laundry) several times, they're oblivious to the lint filter cartridge that mounts in the agitator (those who have owned/used classic Maytags are familiar with the filter) and it's clogged with greasy residue such that it can't filter anything. I have no doubt that the outer tub and exterior of the inner basket are coated with residue as well.

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I would do the monthly cleaning cycle with affresh wether I had a TL or a FL. There is a reason they put the cycle on the washer. Just because there may be enough air circulation to stop mold growth doesn't mean your outer tub doesn't have detergent residue and grime built up on it. Dirt doesn't always smell but non scented dirt is just as dirty as the scented variety.

Also as dadoes said don't forget to drain the water and check/clean the filter (if what ever washer you have has either ability). When I drain my LG it lets out about 1 quart of murky rinse water, I believe most manufacturers recommend doing that monthly.

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