Liquid vs. powder and fabric softener vs. fabric sheet?

kathyc618November 13, 2012

I'm so confused. I will be getting a Electrolux iq 60 washing machine and the matching drier in a few days. I am replacing a top loader HE machine. I have been using Kirkland liquid HE soap and the Kirkland HE fabric softener. I am willing to switch brands of soap and softener. I also use Oxiclean sometimes. I have been reading up what to use in my machine and I'm soooooo confused. I did read that someone suggested putting the Oxiclean in the machine before I put the laundry in. Any ideas?

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I've heard good things about the Kirkland brand, though I've never been a Costco member. Does Kirkland make an HE powder detergent? If so, I would use it when washing laundry in warm or hot temps (liquid seems to work better in cold water).

I do use OxiClean. I use it when I wash white laundry in warm or hot water. I have not found it to be effective in cold water.

I buy regular fabric softener; I really like Snuggle. When I fill up the f/s dispenser, I fill it half full with white vinegar first.

Whenever I use powder detergent (I really like Tide w/bleach HE, now called Tide Vivid), and when I use OxiClean, I put them directly in the washer drum with the laundry.

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Dryer sheets gunk up the insides of the dryer (parts you can't see) and the lint screen it self. Stay with a liquid softener.

Use any HE detergent you like, liquid or powder or better yet switch brands and between liquid and powder.

OxiClean does work better the warmer/hotter the water is.
And you can add it to the drum, then add clothes then start machine as you normally would.

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The only point on placing OxiClean into the washer separately from the detergent (in a frontloader's dispenser drawer) is to avoid the clumped mess that will occur (and possibly not fully flush out of the dispenser) if powdered OxiClean is mixed in the dispenser with liquid detergent, or vice versa. If both products are liquid or both are powder, then they can be placed together into the detergent dispenser.

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Correction: I've been using Suavitel f/s, not Snuggle. Suavitel is even less expensive, I use coupons, and I love the scent.

My washer has its own OxiClean dispenser. Even so, I usually put it in the washer drum.

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To clarify: My washer (Maytag Bravos) has an OxiClean dispenser that's separate from the other dispensers for detergent and f/s and liquid bleach (which I mostly use only for cleaning the washer).

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You can officially keep using what you were already using. No changes needed if the Kirkland products were cleaning fine in your previous TL.

The Kirkland detergents don't have the same quantity of enzymes, etc as something like Tide but they are generally clean rinsing and fine for average dirt laundry.

As for OxiClean, as stated before, if you're using liquid detergent, put the OxiClean in the drum to avoid a clump in the dispenser. If you're using all powder in the dispenser, doesn't matter.

I'm a mixologist when it comes to laundry detergent. :D But I have the Kirkland products on my shelf. I also have the Kirkland powder. :D I use them all in my Maytag FL (w/ Sanitary cycle).

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