Pendant and recessed lighting placement?!

DRMartin0803July 13, 2012

We have a HUGE u shaped island going into our new home. They haven't started building yet, and we have to decide on lighting ASAP to get things going. I don't know if I should do 3 pendant lights with a light over the sink (which is in the center of the island) and one on each of the wings, or if I should do 4 pendants with 2 of them flanking the sink and add a can directly above the sink. would that be strange? Our contractor added a can light back behind the sink a bit because my husband was worried a pendant light wouldn't be bright enough. Please help! We have no idea what to do...

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If the pendant lamp produces ~ 800 lumens each you don't need the can.

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When using pendants they should be placed in an odd # of 3 or 5, preferably 3. Due to the U shape of you island I would use cans.

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