How much laundry to go in the washer?

bobbi1023November 3, 2010

How do I know I am not overloading the machine with clothes? I have a Miele 4842.

Generally I put the clothes in until it reaches the top without pushing down on them. Do I need to be leaving space? When the machine is washing I see the laundry is halfway up the window.

We use nice big bath towels. Can I fill the machine to the top or should I be doing it halfway or maybe three-quarters?

All my laundry is coming out clean. I am happy with the results, except for my towels. They are still rough. I have been using a powder detergent and have now switched to liquid for the towels. That has helped a bit. The powder detergent contains zeolites. I am wondering if the zeolites is staying in the towels and making them rough. The rinse water is clear.

Today I ran four towels in hot water and just washing soda. The water was clear. I dried the towels in my dryer on delicate heat cycle. Still no improvement. I can't think of anything else to do. I've changed detergents, spin cycles, water temperatures and less dryer heat. I've purchased brand new towels. They are thick and soft and I would like to keep them that way. Anyone have any suggestions for my towels? Plus, of course, my original question of how much clothes to place in the washer.

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As with any front loading washer, the amount you put in depends on what type of clothes you wash. For stuff that wrinles easy, it is recommended to load it 1/2- 3/4 of the way, to give more movement of the clothes. Towels may not need as much room. You do not mention how much detergent you use, can I take it you are not using a fabric softener. Is your water hard or soft? All of these play in the end results. Are you over drying your towels, even on the delicate cycle?

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Towels are not the same today as they were 20-30 years ago. I don't think any thing is going to make them soft except massive amounts of fabric softener. I have some towels that I bought 40 years ago and some I bought 35 years ago that are washed with newer towels. The old towels are soft, the newer ones are not.

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Yes you are correct I am not using fabric softener. I have soft water (whole house softener)and therefore use 2-3 tblsp. of powder detergent. The liquid detergent I use 1 tblsp. otherwise I get way too much sudsing. All detergents used are HE. I've put vinegar in the rinse, also, but I've stopped using fabric softener a few years back, simply because I want less chemicals left on my clothes. I have played with the amount of powdered detergent. The towels remain the same. That is why I wonder if the zeolite contained in the powder is not washing out. Yet the rinse water is nice and clear. Overdrying is not the issue, I'm pretty sure on that point.

Kris zone6

I agree towels are the same. I have towels that I use for the dogs that are 20 plus years old. They were always washed in a top loader. When I wash them in the front loader, they are still nice and soft (at least for now).

I guess I will begin using my newly purchased towels and use only liquid detergent and time will tell if they remain soft. Its all a bit frustrating.

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