Can Only Find Small Light Bulbs in New Ceiling Fans

jotxJuly 20, 2009

I want to update my ceiling fans in my home but am having a problem finding lights on the fans that have standard size bulbs. We went to 3 hardware stores over the weekend and all had the smaller bulbs in them. My husband refuses to get these because they burn out quicker and they don't have as much light. Does anyone know why the new fans have the smaller lights and if they still sell the standard size bulbs for fans where I might find them. I went to Lowes & Home Depot w/out luck. Thanks for your time!

Jo -

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You won't find a fan that takes the standard base bulbs unless it is old stock. The change was made at least a year ago. Seems people were putting high wattage bulbs in the fans and causing a safety problem. There are now CFL bulbs for ceiling fans that should last a long time.

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