Undercabinet LED - recessed cabinet bottoms

numbersjunkieJuly 30, 2010

I was planning to have my cabinet bottoms recessed to avoid the need for a trim bar. Now I am trying to figure out what sizes of the LED light bars I need and it seems like I will have some fairly wide gaps between light bars in order to have them fit between the edges of each cabinet.

Will that look bad, with noticeable gaps in the lighting? Should I forget the recessed bottoms and just go with a trim piece? Would there still be gaps between the light bars?

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Why would you have gaps? With LED bar lights, you will wan to fill in as closely as possible. Most of them can be coupled together and then linked to each other to get too the next space if your caninets have stiles under them, they can be notched. Many of the new ultra slim LED strips can even be fitted in the notched stiles. I would put the trim on the bottom of the cabinet unless you have sleek ultra modern cabinets. Then use the recessed bottom. Remember to put your light stips at the front of the cabinet and not the back. Just space them as evenly as possible all the way around filling in as much space as possible.

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It will be bad. You could explore led panels.

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gingerr- my cabinets are frameless, full overlay, shaker style and I think the light rail will spoil the look.

davidtay - I was afraid you would say that!
I guess I should ask my contractor about notching the frames. Panels sound REALLY expensive, but I will look into that as well.

My cabinet widths (after subtracting the 3/4" side panels) are 31.5, 28.5, 25.5, 19.5, 16.5, 13.5, 11.5. Even connecting multiple sizes doesn't seem to fill the area very well for some of these areas.

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An alternative would be to put small light strips on the stiles to minimize the shadow zones.

There should be a bottom rail anyway. Depending on the height above your countertops, it still may be possible to replace the bottom rail with a slightly wider rail and hang led strips across the bottom as though it were totally flat.

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