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rosey1952July 6, 2014

Hi, I'm in the process of updating a home I recently purchased and will be replacing the ceiling fan in the living area. The ceiling is 16'11" and the second floor is open to the living area. The ceiling is wood and has a beam across the middle. Presently there is a fan with +/- 24" down rod centered on the ceiling to the right of the beam on the balcony side. I would prefer the fan be centered in the room closer to or on the beam, but think I am stuck with the placement due to feasibility/cost of moving it. I also think the fan is too high, as the manufacturer recommended height would be no higher than 9' from the floor for cathedral ceilings. However, with the fan placed that low I'm concerned that it would be odd looking down on it from the upper balcony. I would appreciate some advice on how to hang the fan for efficiency and still be pleasing esthetically. We have a wood stove in the room and really need the circulation.

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I see no particular problem with the fan being higher. You get less of a direct breeze effect, but it keeps the air moving for a more uniform temperature in the room.

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