Trouble with Low Voltage Lighting Transformaer tripping

CitznFishJuly 19, 2011


My transformer keeps tripping its internal breaker when my lights come on. This transformer worked well for about 4 years. Now whenever the lights come on they will stay on for a little while than the transformer will trip it's circuit breaker. I have checked the connection of the lighting wire to the transformer and it's in excellent condition. I have looked for a break in the wire where the wire isn't buried and can't see anything. It I turn the transformer on AND have my lights unplugged from it, the transformer will not trip the circuit.

I do not want to dig up all my buried wire.

Can this be an issue with the transformer going bad? It only does this under load and it's not immediate. Last night it happened after about 10 minutes. The night before, after about 2 hours. The night before that after about 30 minutes.

Any idea on how to pinpoint if it is the transformer?

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more than likely the circuit breaker for the transformer is going bad. You can check the transformer or its circuit breaker by just hooking up lights that would simulate the
ones that are connected to the buried wires and see if it trips, just count the watts that are in the bulbs with the buried wire, and connect that amount of watts/bulbs to the xfmr---you could use like a 50 watt bulb to take the place of 2.5 20 watt bulbs.

Of course be careful as those bulbs will be hot!!!


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Try and wire in a used or a borrowed transformer of the same wattage limit. If it trips, then it's the line to the lights. Also if there is water in the line, this will trip the transformer. Maybe a small cut in the line? I am assuming this is an outdoor system?

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