Lighting after removal of kitchen lightbox

tracey63July 29, 2010

Hi all

Yes I have the traditional 1980s style light box (4' by 6' recessed with plastic covers, dead bugs since the last time I stood on the island and cleaned them out)plus one recessed cam light over the sink. I love our kitchen (L-shape with island) but we are planning to do some updating (new cabinet doors in an off white, hardware, countertops (I am thinking of Kashmir gold) and a backsplash (not sure yet but am looking for something to bring the stainless steel of the range around the room). With that said the 80s light box has to go. Talking to the previous owner there are likely issues with plumbing to the masterbath if we were to try and remove the entire soffitt. I thought of trying for a tray ceiling but I worry it would look like a poor attempt to cover up the ugly 80s lightbox.

So I am thinking of removing the fluorescent lights, replacing with another kind of light and placing drywall over the 4' by 6' square so the ceiling (after texturizing) will be continuous - low but continuous. Between the current fluorescent light box, the recessed light over the sink and a nice window at the sink the overall lighting in the kitchen is wonderful. I just don't know how to maintain that.

Any suggestions inplace of the flourescent light, things to consider, advise would be greatly appreciated.

The kitchen is part of a family room. The family room's ceiling is 8'. The kitchen ceiling is only 7 ft 4 inches and I have a husband who is 6' 2''.

Thanks in Advance for your help

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See if you can raise the ceiling. The typical framing is for 8' and all the wires, plumbing should fit above 8'.

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If you really cannot raise the ceiling, how about LED panel lights? They will be pricey but will be extremely thin.

LED panel lights are relatively new in the USA and usually adopted by experimenters/ bleeding edge adopters.

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