80 cri vs 90 cri for tech unilume uc led fixtures

polieJuly 27, 2013

Has someone seen the difference in the quality of light cast by the 80CRI model of the Tech Lighting Unilume undercounter LED lighting unit versus the more expensive 90CRI model? If yes, I would be interested in hearing your comments about whether you think it's worth the price difference for you. Thank you.

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I went with the 90CRI version. It's very hard to find a physical store that carries them in stock so I wasn't able to compare the two. I figured at that price, might as well go with the higher-end one.

It is a great light, by the way.

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I have seen both, and I chose the 90 cri. It seemed whiter, less yellow.

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Calumin and SparklingWater, thank you both. I'll ask the lighting store about the 90CRI model. They'll need to order the sizes I need anyhow.

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