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momo7July 31, 2012

I told my builder I want the Cree CR4 or CR6. He says sure I can have anything I want but I suspect that since the electrician always uses a particular housing with eyeball piece, he doesn't want to do something different. So my builder keeps suggesting an LED lightbulb with this housing - first it was Globe and now it is Philips. Except for Philips light being 3000K, I'm not sure what the difference is between it and the Cree light.

Just so I know - the CREE light is just a bulb with trim attached, right?

Is it worth it to keep saying I want CREE or be accomodating and use Philips?

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Cost wise, CREE could be cheaper since the trim is already attached.
The Cree CR series is a lamp + trim attached.

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It's not so much about cost, or at least I don't think so. It's just getting him to do something he hasn't done before - he told me he ALWAYS uses this particular housing, while giving me a very serious look over the top of his glasses. Maybe because I live in a very rural area but all my gardenweb ideas are treated like they're pretty bizarre.

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More light actually gets out of the CR6 than a standard bulb.

Perhaps you could purchase a 6" can, a CR6 and set it up for him to see.

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Cree does make an eyeball recessed lamp/trim (LE6), though they're not cheap. I'm not sure why you'd want eyeball downlights everywhere - usually they're just used in a few places near walls to highlight artwork and such.

If you're using eyeball trim thar requires a BR30 or PAR30 reflector bulb, Philips does have a new BR30 lamp that's 2700K, sold at HD and elsewhere, and the price is now well under $40. If you're using a "wall washer" designed for a standard incandescent bulb (non a floodlamp), again Philips has 40w and 60w equivalent 2700K LED bulbs that are omnidirectional, dimmable, and fairly inexpensive ($12 and $15 respectively at HD). But the Philips bulbs have color rendering that isn't quite as accurate as Cree's.

The CR4 and CR6 fit into almost any standard can (sometimes requiring trivial modifications, but often not). I've had several electricians who were unfamiliar with them not like the idea of the combined bulb and trim kit until I showed them a CR6 and had them install one in their favorite can. Once they realize how easy it is, and how cost effective given you don't need to buy and install a separate trim kit, and the light uses only 9 1/2 watts (for the 575 lumen versions), and looks good, and lasts just about forever, they're won over.

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Lee676 - I didn't want the eyeball trim, that is just what the electrican always uses and apparently I was the first to question his choice. I was going to go out today and buy one but...

My builder beat me to it, he bought the CREEs for the electrican so I'm happy. Thank you, davidtay, for giving me some ammunition.

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