Bosch 500 Nexxt Plus - Excessive Vibration Issues

matt.shaverNovember 6, 2010

Hey all we have a 3 year old set of Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus washer/dryer. For the most part, they have been a good set until about 4 months ago. We started noticing that during the spin, there was much noise coming from the washer. Up until that time, this machine was performing rock solid. However, it was random occurrences at first, perhaps once every 8 - 10 loads, then it became less random and now it vibrates, shakes, shudders and makes such a harsh noise that last weekend I ran 8 loads of laundry and removed all the clothes each time to arrange them differently hoping it would lessen and resolve the issue.

The machine does have Lowe's appliance extended replacement/repair warranty and they have been dispatched now twice. On the first visit, the technician replaced the motor, motor control board (not the main control board), front lower shocks and feet. Today, upon his return visit, he told me that he would order a new main controller (the one under the console) and another motor controller board.

I wanted to show him what it was doing, so I loaded up 8 pair of cotton docker pants, put it on the Cold-Cotton setting and away she went...shuddered, spat and knocked viciously!

I cannot tell you how unimpressed with this Bosch set. I love our Bosch dishwasher but I admit the washer is leaving a sour taste in my stomach. Just a few important notes worth mentioning:

1. We have always used BioKleen - 1 T/load. No bleach no softener whatsoever.

2. The clothes are sorted into towels, whites, bright colors, dark colors and casual/dress clothing.

3. The machine is cleaned using Affresh monthly.

4. The machine is connected to a surge protector.

5. The machine is left cracked both detergent lid and door are both cracked open no mold issue has ever happened.

6. The machine is perfectly leveled both side to side/back to back.

7. The machine is on a concrete slab.

8. The machine does not walk.

To help in this process, I have shot two different movies using my iPhone. I showed them to him today and he was baffled and called Bosch. Bosch told him to replace the controller board that was under the console.

I did call Lowes and they said if he cannot get it to work, they will replace it. But with what!?! I talked to our tech today and he said that Whirlpool/Maytag is not rock solid as they used to be, Bosch is pretty good and "up there", Electrolux IQ systems are very good and suggested them. I did not ask about the SamSungs at all.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a new washer/dryer set is in my near future. I really liked this machine until all the issues cropped op randomly and now consistently.

What are your thoughts. The two movies are located at YouTube please watch and let me know your thoughts.



Spfld IL.

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Hi Matthew,
I watched your videos and have two suggestions for your servicer.
1. It appears that the rear bearing is bad. Bosch makes the entire tub/spin basket assembly available as a part. Have it replaced. It's about a 1 hour job. and really not very hard to do on a Bosch.
2 when replacing the tub assembly have the 2 shocks replaced at the same time.

I've seen rear bearings go out before, although never on a Bosch, and your video is typical of the rear bearing failing.

You have the warranty from Lowes so it will fully pay for your service. I actually know a good Bosch servicer in Springfield named Staats through our professional trade organization. I would recommend them for the service if they accept the Lowes Contract.

There is no need to replace your machine. Just have it repaired as outlined above. I checked the Bosch service website and the parts are available.

PS. in general I see rear bearing failure due to over sudsing. I'm not saying that is what happened here but that is the the most common reason for bearing failure on front loads. The suds will create excess pressure in a drum and push through the rear bearing splash seals therefore damaging the bearings

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Check your foot-weighting first. I would tweak one of the front feet up or down while it's spinning. May have come out of adjustment over the years or during the tech's replacement preventing the suspension components from bearing as they must. Easy and takes minutes. If that doesn't settle it down, I'd be thinking about suspension components. Not ready to bite down on the bearing failure idea.

None of the numbered items you listed has anything to do with it.

On the other hand, notwithstanding my own suspicions, If you have a replacement offer on the table, that's pretty hard to ignore!

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Everyone, Thanks for the input. I can tell you that I've used HE detergent and sudsing has never become an issue whatsoever. I've been so very carful with this machine it's not even funny. Heck I still have the shipping tape on it as you can see. LOL.

At any rate, these Bosch systems have that darned tilted tub and most of the weight during the wash cycle is place on the back, not evenly distributed like a true horizontal access machine would be. If it is the bearing then it stands to reason that these tilted tubs are not worth it. The weight is shifted back.

Here's what I know:

1. When the machine was new and even up until about 4 - 5 months ago, it randomly did this but now it's every time. This is not right and will ensure the repairs are done to MY satisfaction. That's why we pay good money for both the machine and its extended warranty.

I'll bet the service tech is not thinking bearing because he's not checked it at all...that's my guess or he's thinking it is OK. So, let him put a new controller board at the console of the washer and then I'll call Lowes again because that will not resolve the issue.

He may come back and say I cannot fix it and Lowes then issues us a new gift card for the machine. Or he may try something else, and that's repair number three right there with failure and I'm still getting a new machine. Either way, I'm looking at a new machine.

I'll keep my mouth shut on the bearing and not offer it because I don't want to tell him his job - which I dislike when people do that to me. However, in the end, I think we all know that tilted tubs just don't work. They didn't work for Maytag in the Neptune (I had one of those) and they don't work for the Bosch.

I think I'll play this out, for another week and see where it goes. In the meantime I think I'll visit Lowes today and look at the new Electrolux IQ systems.

By the way I didn't locate Staats here in Spfld IL. Did I get that right? I did a Google search to no avail.

Spfld IL.

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FWIW, my Duet (5 1/2 years) has a tilted tub and works fine. New machine offer seems pretty hard to pass up.

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Hi Matthew,
The tilted tub has nothing to do with a bearing failure. I have a Bosch myself and it's the best frontload I've ever owned. The previous two were horizontal axis. They were good machines too. In my 30+ years working on appliances including topload and frontload washers I can tell you one sure thing. Sometimes a part just fails... Nothing more nothing less.

Asolo brings up a point I thought of but felt that since you had a repair service already there I assumed that that was checked. This is wrong on my part because I sometimes think all servicers are conscientious about checking these basic items just like me.

As for replacing the washer you will end up with a mis-matched set. If Lowes does offer to replace the machine they will only replace the washer and not your Bosch dryer. Again I would recommend the replacement of the tub assembly and the shocks. The noise in your video is what made me think more bearing & shocks than anything else.

I made a mistake about Staats location. They are in Peoria not Springfield. Sorry for the mis-information

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I really don't want to give up the Bosch. I went to Lowes to look and see what was out there and it seems there are more bells and whistles that you can shake stick at. The new Bosch is plastic at the top and looks cheap in the front, I mean cheap. Why plastic? Is that any better? The salesman told me it has a new suspension and now a 10 year motor replacement warranty. Why 10 years I can't seem to get three out of mine...well I didn't. The motor ended up getting replaced. The Whirlpool/Maytags look OK and then you have Electrolux which I thought was pretty well built then Samsung. It's like buying a car if you ask me.

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asolo site (or their magazine) has a lot of information that may be useful in making your selection. There's a lot of non-disclosure in their testing that makes me a little nuts but there's also plenty that's useful.

My own 5+ year old Whirlpool Duet is already two generations out of date so I don't have any personal opinions that would be worth much. Do get one with a built-in heater. (You probably know that)

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I'll have to check at the library for the latest Consumer Reports reviews on washers. I am limited as to what Lowes carries because that is where the gift card will originate. We have looked at the new Bosch Vision 500 and they look cheap not as nice as the original Nexxt series. We looked at the Samsung, and the Electrolux. We both like the Electrolux, reversible washer door (which works well for our setup), it has prewash, larger capacity which helps in washing pants and shirts weekly.

At this point, I do not know what's wrong with it. They tech is putting a new motherboard and motor controller board and I'm going to ask him if this does not work that we both speak to Lowes and get it replaced. We paid 999 for the washer and I bet there will be that much in repairs after this time.

I will always get extended warranties on anything electronic these days when they come with a lot of moving parts. Dishwasher, washers and dryers are key to these warranties.

Also, does anyone know what they do with the set? Do they take them or do I need to discard them myself. If they let me keep them, I might give them to a friend who is in need of a washer/dryer. Maybe she will get it repaired and working correctly who knows.

Spfd IL.

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Is it a wonder that good companies go bankrupt when servicing agents dont know how to diagnose and repair machines without replacing half the components and then the whole machine? When are these companies going to learn to stop trying to diagnose over the phone and stop shipping out boxes of parts to folks who are just guessing? This is one major factor why Maytag went out of business.

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Trying to imagine what a new motherboard and motor controller board would have to do with a vibration issue. Seems like strange diagnosis to me.

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FWIW, I believe CR has on-line 1-month offer for six bucks. (1 year = $26.00) All the information is there and up to date. Might be cheaper than driving to and spending time at the library.

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Hello, I am having the same problems with my Bosch Neext Washer (a very loud noise and the machine is rocking (moving). The noise is so loud that I stopped using the machine. I had a Bosch service person out to look at the washer and he told me that my washer should be in the basement on concrete and not where I have it now (laundry room on a tile floor). I explained that my machine was working fine over the last 4 years and now over and the last 6 months the noise and shaking is just unbelievable. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Did he check it for balance with a level? Have you moved it over that last 6 months that it may be setting in a slightly different location on your floor, thus out of level?

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