Homemade Fabric Softener

i_dig_itNovember 19, 2008

While doing some research on FS and finding an amazing amount of negative things about them and the toxic ingredients they contain, even the no fragrance formulas. I came across this recipe for making your own FS.

Step 1

In a seal able container (if you have a couple old liquid fabric softener containers, those work well), combine 2 cups hair conditioner (I use a regular sized bottle- a little less than 2 cups), 3 cups vinegar, and 6 cups water


mix all ingredients together


store in air tight container.


use same amount you would use with regular liquid fabric softener.

Here is the website with the information and comments.

Has anyone tried this?

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I don't use fabric softener at all - none is required - especially using Charlie's Soap. If you use fabric softener (sheets/liquid) to control static in the dryer, there are other ways to control that without softeners.

I see the same problem using hair conditioner as I would fabric softener. Have you ever looked at the list of chemicals and ingredients in it? You are substituting one chemical coating for the one you think you are avoiding...in my opinion.


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I was thinking the same thing about putting a coating on the clothing.

I have been using vinegar in the fs dispenser and have had good results, except on the towels. For some reason I can't get them soft.

I have some Charlie's soap, but am hesitant to use it because of my hard water and I'm not sure if it will help or hinder my problem of stiff towels.

I know I've read to add STPP, but it's not available here and I don't want to order the large bag and then not get positive results and be stuck with something I'm not wanting to use.


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I don't use fabric softener at all. I hang all my laundry then put each load in the dryer for 6 to 10 min. depending how damp they are so they don't get the musty smell when put away. If you want your towels to feel soft, line dry them and use them that way for a month. (the towels will be pretty crunchy) After that time of using them stiff and hard, when you put them in the dryer for a few minutes, they'll feel wonderful - promise. (No need for chemical fabric softener at all.)

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Try TSP instead of STPP. It's not quite as strong, but it is more plentiful. You should be able to find it at most Lowe's Home Improvement stores.

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Slightly OT: If people object to the ingredients in hair conditioner, do they use it on their hair but not in their laundry? Or do they not use it at all?

My hair is so fine, I have to use hair conditioner. I'm just wondering if it's worse to use it in laundry than on hair. This is purely a rhetorical question, as I've never used it in laundry.

Taylor - what is TSP? I haven't heard of it.

Janet - I've always heard that f/s will decrease towels' absorbency, so I've never used it on them. I do use vinegar in the final rinse and the towels come out very soft and fluffy. I know we don't have hard water (I grew up in a hard-water area, so I know how that affects laundry), but ours isn't soft, either; it's 'medium' (if there is such a term).

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Mara I quit using FS on my towels about a year ago when I began to notice the stale smell in them. In fact, I haven't used FS on anything now for several months, I have been using vinegar instead and have had great results.

I think the towels are maybe starting to show some improvement. Maybe it's just taking this long to get all the built up detergent out of them, but at least they are smelling a whole lot better.

TSP is Trisodium Phosphate. I given a link at the bottom for info. I have heard of it and plan on getting some to use with the Charlie's, but I'm not sure how much to use.

I just thought the recipe I came upon for the homemade FS was interesting and was wondering if anyone had ever tried it. The only things I might ever use FS on again would be some of our fleece items like my robe and a couple throws we use now in the winter. They seem to get pretty static-y.
But I will use it very sparingly and Very diluted if I do decide to use it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll Down for TSP info

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