washing machine cleaner????

booboo60November 9, 2010

Has anyone tried the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner? Just curious if this was created to remedy the dirt, mold, etc. around the gasket in the machine? Does it work?

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I use it. It seems like a total convenience gimmick that I fall for hook, line and sinker. I've not had mold or anything around the gasket in the first place but the hot wash with soap from it would remove a normal level of soiling. I also think it smells good. Lol.

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Most people who tried SmellyWasher.com like it better than the other stuff that's around. And it's probably cheaper, too. The gasket is best cleaned using a cloth and bleach solution.


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I have no issues with my washer having smell or anything, but I brought to see what it's like along with Affresh.

Tide did have lots of fizz on it, and WOW, did it leave a strong Tide perfume smell!! The smell stayed in the washer for a week. I end up throwing rest of it away since it was too much for me.

Affresh left a nice scent that I did not mind at all. I've only used it a couple of times as a "preventive maintance" on my washer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video of Tide in use.

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I've used it. I think it's nothing more than powdered dishwasher detergent with bleach. Makes the washer smell better, but not for long.
I just ordered some of the smelly washer product. Hope that works!

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swhite's probably right. I can't imagine a company like P&G wouldn't find ways to use current products in different ways by simply altering ingredient quantities and packaging. Seems like reasonable business.

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I clean my top loader with the longest, hottest cycle and a dishwasher packet (Cascade Complete) - I read somewhere that the enzymes in the detergent help to break down mildew. Anyone have any opinion on this?

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I thought it was simply bleach plus a few custom ingredients, but it caused so much sudsing in my machine I had to stop the cycle midway and discontinue usage of this product. Sticking with good old chlorine bleach.

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Use once a month a cup of white vinegar to remove smells from your washing mashine. Just pour vinegar into the washing mashine and run your normal program. You will see your washing mashine smells fresh after that.

Here is a link that might be useful: yaanika.com

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I would not recommend relying on vinegar to keep your machine clean. While it can remove build-up in clothing and aids in rinsing, it has no effect on mold and mildew growth. It's mold and mildew that causes washing machine odor, and for that you'll need chlorine bleach or other similarly strong product.

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