making outdoor floor lamp- need wire,socket advice

rich_v45July 7, 2013


I like to read outside on the porch. There isn't enough available light for reading once darkness rolls in. I'd like to make a simple floor lamp that can remain outside. While it is easy enough to construct the body of the lamp out of non-conductive materials, I'm stumped as to what type of socket I can use (phenolic or brass?) and the type of wire to use suitable for outdoors, given that most lamp sockets are 2-wire.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I have an outdoor lamp. The only difference I see is a brass socket, rubberized push button switch to keep water out. It uses standard zip cord for the wire.

Most of all just make sure your plugging into a GFCI outlet if you don't have one put one in or get the GFCI extension cord.

Hope that helps.

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