Under Cabint LED strip Lights Power Supply and Dimming Control

smacman7July 9, 2013

Hi all,
I have been lurking for years and finally decided to register at GW. Here is my lighting issue:
I am currently toward the tail end of our DIY kitchen reno and am ready to tackle the under cabinet accent lighting, which will be the 5m spools found on Amazon for under $15 (Risky???). So the way I had the wiring done is (1) switch connects (3) separate cabinets, so I have three sets of romex coming out of the wall under the cabinets.

Question One: Do I need three separate power transformers for each zone?

Question Two: Do I need three separate dimming controls located under the cabinets? Ideally I would prefer to have (1) dimmer at the switch location. My other LED can lighting is controlled by sliding dimmer switches like these:

Question Three: Does anyone have experience with these low cost LED spools:


I figure the cost is cheap enough to give them a try.

Thanks in advance for any direction.
Chris, in Omaha

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No for 1 if each run is small enough.

No to 2.

The LED UCL thread is sufficiently generic to cover both low voltage and line voltage (direct wire) LEDs.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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