Kitchen overhead lighting question

FoglandiaJuly 14, 2013

Hi All,

Just finished a kitchen remodel and looking for some help with the kitchen lighting. The kitchen is 11' 10" x 14' - 8" and the ceilings are 8' 5" high. Overhead light is currently recessed CFL's there are 8 lights in total. and I have a table light, with 3 40 halogens.

My problem is I hate the CFL's. We've used as soft white a bulb as possible, and still the room is not that well lit, and is very cold and sterile. The kitchen is very modern and mostly white which doesn't help. There is only one window in the room so artificial light is important, even during the day.

The under cabinet task lights are tube fluorescents which work well.

What I would like to do is add a standard overhead light, halogen or traditional incandescent, that fully lights the room but in a warm, less sterile way. I'm leaning toward a semi flush style fixture, but have no idea how many lumens/watts I'll need to really light up the room or what style of overhead light makes the most sense.

Any guidance appreciated.

Debbie Lefkowitz

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Deb, you have a very nice kitchen! The glass cabs and the lovely backsplash really fit well together.

With an 8'6" ceiling and a modern look, it's certainly feasible to add a central ceiling fixture but many feel it might make the room appear smaller and force one's eyes down rather than up. I went through the ying and yang of keeping our central light in our 8'6" remodel, and in the end did not.

Could you change out your CFL recessed to Cooper's Halo LED lights? The glow bright but not blue, and are dimmable. They don't cost a lot (it's a kit) other than the change out.

You might also wish to consider changing from under cabinet florescent to LED bars or tape. You have what appears to be a 1" light rail which gives you nice price options. DIrect wire Utilitech at Lowes just came out with dimming option. Really good price point.

Changing the lights from florescent to incandescent or LED may do the trick for your great space. GL.

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