Help Please - Detergent at Target?

livebetterOctober 15, 2011

I'm heading "State side" in a couple weeks and definitely plan on hitting one (or more) Target stores. We are getting Target in Canada but not until 2013.

What brands of detergent will I find there? Or will it vary depending on what state etc?

I'm heading to Buffalo, NY if that matters.

I'm wondering if they carry Seventh Generation - particularly the new powder and the 4X liquid.

Also wondering if they still carry Vaska.

And will they have Tide powder HE with bleach? We only have liquid with bleach in Canada.

Any insight you could provide would be helpful. I'm trying to optimize my shopping plan.

Any other retailers I could target for these items? I'm checking with a local health food co-op if they carry the SG or Vaska.

Thank you!

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I think different targets carry different items. I think they dropped the Vaska line, and they do have 7th generation products. Tide/Bleach HE is a yes too. I liked Vaska for certain items (not whites) and the smell was great, but I cant find it anymore, plus it suds up way to much in my Wave force washer and I have rock hard water

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Vaska no more :(

Tide he powder with bleach, yes!

Seventh Generation liquids, no powders! The 4x liquid I have never seen at Target (I checked FIVE!!). I was only able to find the 4x liquid at Whole Foods Market.

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No SG 4X detergent at my Target, either. I found mine at EarthFare (a natural type food store similar to Whole Foods).

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Well, if I can get the Tide powder that's a start.

Thanks for helping me out.

I read this comment from Vaska on their Facebook page:

"Target still sells Vaska,and we will be restocking soon, stay tuned!
September 29 at 11:33am"

I am waiting a response from a local health food co-op that I've stopped at before. I'm pretty confident they will have the SG products. Probably not Vaska.

I haven't tried either of these new SG items and would like to. I've been using their 2X liquid lately and it does a very good job. The powder was rated even slightly higher (#9 which is great for a green product)(by CR). is ceasing international shipments so if I can't find Vaska locally (over the border) I may be out of luck.

Anyone know if Wisk would be at Target? It ranked #2 and I remember someone posted that the Fresh Burst has a very mild scent (right up my alley). This is another brand not available in Canada.

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I've purchased the method liquid detergent at Target, and I really like it. It's super concentrated - the bottle says a 20 oz bottle will do 50 loads, but I've gotten more out of it than that (I have a he washer, and found that 4 pumps per load was too much soap - I use two for a normal sized load, three for a large load). So much easier than lugging a big jug...

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@fluke67, thanks for your input. I can get the Method products here in Canada and do use them sometimes.

I am only looking to bring back what I can't get here.

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@livebetter - Calling the WalMart stores in/near Buffalo, to ask if they have the Tide w/Bleach HE powder, might be worth the trouble, because our local WalMart has it. WalMart tends to have stuff that Target won't have, and visa versa.

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Try Wegmans - there are 3 in the Buffalo area. The Wegmans in my area carries SG, Ecover and Mrs Meyers products in the "Nature's Market" section. Pretty such they have Tide w/Bleach HE powder too.

It would be a fun stop anyways, if you have never been to a Wegmans.

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@cavimum, good idea re: WalMart. I usually don't hit WalMart only because we have them here and I figure most of the items are probably similar. At least at Target almost everything is new to me.

@svs128, great idea re: Wegmans! Thank you. I am staying close to at least 3 locations all with a Nature's Market. Do you happen to know if they carry the 4X liquid or new powders?

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livebetter, I hope you can find a store with the SG4X liquid. I've been using the Geranium and Vanilla version for a while and I love it. It smells heavenly and it cleans really, really well.

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@stbonner, my heart just skipped a beat ... lol ...

I'm excited. I haven't been US shopping for sometime and I can't wait to see what I can find.

I sure hope I can find the new SG products. Doesn't appear they will be available here anytime soon.

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Make sure you pick up some ERA detergent while you're in the States. It's not available here in Canada. I pick up the huge jug of it when I'm shopping stateside and it lasts me nearly 6 months. I live in Toronto and am going to Buffalo in November for a day of shopping and plan to pick some more up. I've only found it at Wal-Mart in Buffalo. ERA is cheap ($10 for the huge jug), has a pleasant scent, and IMHO it cleans just as well as Tide which is twice the price.

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@tcbhot, thanks for that information. I'm not sure WalMart will be on my stop list but we'll see.

Era came in #10 on Consumer Reports latest list.

If you see Wisk with stain spectrum you should try that. Not available here in Canada and came in #2 with Tide on either side.

I believe it is also less expensive than Tide (priced more like Era).

I did a quick search of Buffalo (near where I'm staying) and there are several stores that should carry Wisk (Tops, Dollar General, CVS, Wegmans).

Sounds like I'm going to Wegmans since they also carry some Green brands I'm looking for.

Have fun in November! I hope the dollar stays put :)

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Just a follow up. I'm home from my trip and disappointed about detergent.

Three Targets I visited did not have Tide HE with bleach (doesn't even look like they carry it).

Came home with no Seventh Generation powder or 4X liquid.

I will say however, @svs128 good call on Wegmans. What a great store. I did find some products in the Nature's Market that I can't get in Canada but I really wanted.

I love the Honest Kids juice (for my kids' lunches) and Wegmans had a case of 4 packs for $9.47. What a great deal. I stocked up for the rest of the school year.

Wegmans did have the Wisk citrus but I was too tired to consider it and a little bummed I hadn't found my Tide powder so I passed on it.

But the Wegmans on Sheridan Drive will def be on my stop list from now on. Thanks for that tip!

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I'm not surprised you couldn't find the Tide HE w/bleach at Target, I'm in Michigan and they just don't have it there, ever. I've only found it at Meijers and Sam's Club (and I checked everywhere).

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@tcbhot, if you're still reading this thread - I was at WalMart in Canada today and they now have Era (just an FYI).

@cme10ae, darn - there was a Sam's Club in the area but I'm not a member and never thought to check there.

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May I ask which WalMart you visited to find Era? The nearest one to me is the supercentre near Dufferin & Bloor in Dufferin Mall.

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Hi @tcbhot, I was visiting a friend in Markham - so we were at Markville Mall. Kind of a hike from you but I would assume other stores would have it as well.

It was on display in a "four way" (you know the displays at the end of the aisles that have four sides) at the end of the detergent aisle.

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@livebetter in the US we call those end cap displays. :-)

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@kappen, really? We call something different an end cap. At the end of the aisle there is usually a one sided unit facing out (that's the end cap). The four ways are independent units that sit in the main aisle and have four sides. thanks!

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