What type of light fixture to brighten master closet?

lolaurenJuly 24, 2010

My house is being built. The master closet is 17' x 8' (with 9' ceilings)... It is wired for two light fixtures and the builder is just installing regular flush mount lights. (They are spaced out to each light up half of the space.)

I would like a lot of light in that closet. (I want to be able to get dressed in there, tell dark blue from black, etc.) I'm wondering what type of fixtures to put in to get a lot of bright light?

I can't change the current configuration. It is what it is.... but I can replace the fixtures, of course...

Is this just a matter of purchasing bright bulbs or is there a better fixture for this?


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The first factor is the bulb used.

The second is the placement of each fixture relative to the task you wish to perform and if shadows will be cast at the most inconvenient spots.

The fixtures themselves can be easily replaced.

If you find that additional lights are needed, you can either
1. rewire, move and/ or add fixtures.
2. Add low voltage lighting using flat wire/ some other low voltage wiring.

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If you need to tell black from dark blue, I suggest you have them install a linear or compact fluorescent fixture, and fit it with a 5600k or 6500k "daylight" or "full spectrum" lamp. The CRI (color rendering index) should be at least 82. That high a color temperature gives a bluish light, and helps you sort blue from black.

Incandescent lights are typically around 2700K - too reddish to readily show the difference.

PS - New houses just amaze me. Your closet is about twice the size of the was-bedroom-now-office I'm typing this in. :-)

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Thanks for the suggestions :) Very helpful!

Davidr .... Well, that's what happens when a girl (me) designs the floor plan for her long-time/forever home :P My office and guest bedroom are smaller in square footage than the closet. I suppose that isn't a great design feature, but I expect the closet will be used for storage of various items as well (luggage, for example.) :)

Thanks, again!

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