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toddimtJuly 19, 2011

Looking to get some assistance in figuring out a lighting plan for my renovation. This encompasses a Kitchen/DR combo as well as a Livingroom and Front Hallway.

Below are floorplans that have a closeup of the kitchen/DR half and the other is a full plan. The current fixtures shown on the plan were done for the sake of filing for the electrical permit. If it is easier I can post one with the lighting stuff removed.

This is what I have been thinking:

- Pendants over the Peninsula.

- I was thinking of smaller, like 3.75", LC cans in the window seal area as well as over the table. I think my parents have 2 lightolier (which I think now is Phillips) LV halogen bulb fixtures over the table. This gives nice warm lighting over the table. Also, in times of company/holidays when you need additional seating, the table would be pushed closer to the window seat so that another table could be added for up to 14 people. So hanging type fixtures over a table won't work. Open to ideas here though.

- Other 6" Cree LED bulbs elsewhere in the kitchen and LR is the plan. I was going to go with Halo 6" Air Tight Recessed Can's. which would give me flexibility in case I decided not to go LED. These can's I believe would allow you to go any which way. Will all be on dimmers.

- I think I will be going with LED undercabinet lighting. There will be one cabinet between the windows over the sink and the 4 panel sliding glass door to the left. On the rangetop wall, there will be upper cabinets flanking the rangetop. I'm guessing that I would need two transformers in that each of these area's would be on 2 separate switches. All the wiring still has to be done so I can do LV or High Voltage fixtures. Looking to get the asnwers as to the best approach so that I can run all the wiring. However, My plan to to put the transformers in the basement ceiling below (Drop ceiling). Unless there is a better idea. The light rail under the cabinet I believe is like 1" high so want to make sure nothing is easily seen/visible under the cabinets.

- Living/Family room I put 6 can's Not sure if this is correct, etc. Thinking you want lighting over the couch? The left side, where the green circle is shown, will be a gas burning fireplace. There will be cabinets and bookshelves flanking both sides. I haven't even finished designing that yet but may put lighting in the top. Not sure if any recessed fixtures should be in front of the built-ins or fireplace. Oh, there will be a TV over the fireplace.

- The front hallway still shows a closet to the right of the front door. This is no longer there. So the doorway and half wall shifts over slightly. The plan in the hallway is to raise the ceiling to approx 9' high. Not sure if I should put some type of hanging fixture, recessed. Combo etc. Looking for suggestions.

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The layout is not what I would design, you're lacking some light near the range top area. Are the halo cans remodels or new construction? Halos have terrible clips on their remodel cans and I would not sure them with the LR-6, too heavy and you will have issues with the trims and cans popping off the drywall a bit. Nothing in the kitchen seems to match, no line, no consistency at all. You will have issues with shadowing even with LR-6 LED's. How far away from the cabinets are you putting the lights?

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I wasn't posting a layout per se. Thus no lines match or consistency. I indicated that this was the layout I had sent to the town just for permit approval, since they count total devices (switches, outlets, fixtures) I was more concerned that I had enough put down and not necessarily in the proper place. If things are easier I can either remove all fixtures for a blank slate or if I can get some advice on where certain things should be then I will revise the plan and post for additional comment. Looking for the guidance etc of how far to put the lights from the cabinets, etc and in which area's I need the lights.

The floor is totally gutted. So plan would be to use new construction cans. Open to other can options but needs to have the flexibility if I choose to go LED or not. I am in NJ so regular threaded bulb connections. I am leaning to using the CR6 due to the lower dimming ability in any 6" cans.

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We just went to a lighting architect and she suggested 4..4 inch cans/spots over the in each corner and then we are putting two pendants there too.
We have 6 inch throughout the rest of the kitchen. We did not go with cree because they are 100.00 apiece...went less expensive for the others. Juno ICI. Undercounter we went with ..Design Pro LED disc 24 volt for the range area...very small under counter and very nice. Very thin 200.00 for those. Under the counters...three total. They are LED task lights in stainless still to shine back on the granite. Our lighting arch... said that you want that reflection back from the counters. None of these are visible to the eye..They are all under the cabinet. The pucks under the the range cabinet ( we have a Jenn Air so we do not have a hood, only something to look like a hood)

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No problem. Are the cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling? Anywhere around the 10-20 inch away from the crown molding or edge of the cabinets will be fine. Give me a blank print and send it to me and I can design it for you. Some refinements will need to be made on spec, due to beams being in the way, but I can get you close to what you want.


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Wasn't sure if you just wanted me to post the blank plan here or emil it direct to you. Although, I did not see a way to email it direct. Below is a blank overall plan and then two larger plans for the two areas.

-Ceilings are all 8', except the hallway, which will be about 9'

- Crown Moulding all around is the plan. I have a 5" tall crown in my bedroom and that comes 3.25" off the wall on the ceiling side. Probably will do something that is around 5" downstairs as well.

- Cabinets go all the way to the ceiling

- Window is a built-out window on the counter at the sink. Extends about 6-7".

- Looking to do smaller recessed cans for hallogen (Possibly LED if they make them) over the Table. Thinking the same in the window seat area.

- Pendants over the peninsula. Not sure what kind (Schoolhouse Pendants or glass, etc) so not sure if light will just be directed downward or also somewhat out the sides if it was colored glass.

- On the wall between the Family Room and the Kitchen (On the Family Room Side) I am thinking of just a large picture or piece of art.

THe built-ins in the family room may change to be cabinets above with milk glass and deeper. Looking to maybe make the right side the bar area, with beverage fridge.

- Haven't decided on couch yet but used sectional for illustration.




Rendering View of table area facing the Kitchen

Here is a link to my photobucket to see additional renderings.

Link to Photobucket Album

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There are LED lamps for 4" and smaller recessed cans.

However, they cost significantly more than 6" LED.

As for the number of cans, my simplistic rule to achieve ~ 35 lumens per sq ft in the kitchen and ~ 25 lumens per sq ft in the living room is done by assuming a certain output per light x number of lights / floor space of area.

Cove/ wall washing lighting could also be used (especially if you don't want too many holes).

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Ok cool, when I get some time (hopefully) I can draw up something kinda crude on photoshop. If you want my e-mail address, it's The 3d look is great.


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Have you considered putting the electrical outlets under the cabinets? I am in the beginning stage of a whole-house remodel, and just had electrical walk through. Since we are doing custom cabinets, they can accommodate built in outlets.

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Have you considered putting the electrical outlets under the cabinets? I am in the beginning stage of a whole-house remodel, and just had electrical walk through. Since we are doing custom cabinets, they can accommodate built in outlets.

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Did you mean electrical outlets under the upper or base cabinets? You can use plugmold under the upper cabinets and that would meet the NEC requirements for outlets above the counter. However, you will be left with dangling cords for all plugged in appliances. You also have to bend down to see the outlets to plug in. If you meant to put all outlets in the base cabinet somehow, that is against code. Except in the case of the outer edge of a Peninsula or island, from what I have read.

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Did you get my layout that I emailed? Wanted to make sure it went through.

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